Memory in the City of Dragon (Take Us Home) 龙城三部曲 [《西决》《东霓》《南音》] (龙城) by 笛安 Di An

The three cousins of the Zheng family are as close as siblings.

After hitting a wall several times, Zheng Dong Ni goes to Germany for marriage. She wanted to take her cousin Xi Jue along but he opts to stay behind to repay his aunt and uncle who raised him.

Zheng Dong Ni who is the eldest among the three Zheng cousins is rebellious and bold due to the influence of her family.

Zheng Xi Jue who was orphaned at a young age wants to stay in Longcheng (Dragon City) for the sake of his relatives who raised him. Xi Jue helps his uncle through hard times, yet suffers a painful heartbreak due to a failed relationship. Fortunately, Dong Ni’s best friend Jiang Yi appears at the right time.

Dong Ni who has a competitive nature matures after her father fell ill and her mother died. Not only does she assume the responsibilities of taking care of the family, she also becomes a pillar for everyone.

All hell broke loose due to younger cousin Zheng Nan Yin’s long-distance relationship in college. In order to prove their love, she and her boyfriend decide to get married.

Meanwhile, Jiang Yi is neglected by Zheng Xi Jue again and again because of his devotion to his family. At one point, their relationship was at the brink of collapse. After experiencing all kinds of setbacks, everyone gradually realizes that Xi Jue’s sincerity and perseverance represents the true meaning of home. As they grow, they learn to give warmth to each other in their own way.


[Ebook Xi Jue, Dong Ni, Nan Yin][Drama][Audiobook]

Note: This isn’t one novel, but a trilogy, and each novel is focused on one of the three main characters of the series, which is why each different novel has a different title, the name of the character on which the volume is focused.


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