Mistaken Marriage With The President, Your Wife Is Gone Again / Marriage with CEO / Wu Jia Zong Cai: Ni Lao Po You Pao Le! 误嫁总裁:你老婆又跑了/ 风月可知心底事 by 猫小狐 Mao Xiao Hu (BE)

Three years of marriage and loneliness, she thought she was sincere. In the end, she only got his ruthless divorce agreement.

Jiang Zhu Nian said, ‘Su Xiang Nan, I’ve never loved you. The truth has finally come to an end.

She says forgiveness is easy, but love is not easy. As a result of this encounter, she was exhausted.

(Credit: Manga Sy)

[Ebook][Manhua in Eng One or Two]


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