My Arch-Rival Wishes To Marry Me Today (Rebirth) 死对头今天也想娶我 (重生) by 三愿大人 San Yuan Da Ren (HE)

Song Yue Yi experienced a lifetime of massive ups and downs. Although she was born with a golden spoon in her mouth, she ended up with a severely tarnished reputation, and was ultimately evicted from the capital. Subsequently, she was captured and enslaved by the neighbouring state, Bai Di, and tasted all the flavours of life.

Finally, when Song Yue Yi was at Death’s door, she managed to discern Zhao Che, astride a horse and with a sabre in his hand, rushing over to be by her side. Scooping her up from the ground, Zhao Che promised to bring her home.

Everybody in the whole wide world knew, that Song Yue Yi and Zhao Che had been arch-rivals since their youth.

However, when she woke up once more, Song Yue Yi discovered that both Zhao Che and her were in the midst of being punished and forced to kneel in the prayer room before Buddha, and that the youthful Zhao Che was as skilled as ever in turning his poisonous tongue on her – to the extent that Song Yue Yi wanted to pounce on him and smack him silly.

After much thought, Song Yue Yi resolved with great determination, to interact peacefully with Zhao Che, and to build a supportive, co-operative relationship with him. If possible, Song Yue Yi wished that the both of them could remain loyal, loving cousins.

In the end, the both of them did end up loving each other very much……

The proud and arrogant youth entrapped her tightly within his embrace, his long fingers playfully twirling with her long, luscious locks as he tried to coax and persuade her.

“Marry me, and I’ll give you everything you ever wanted.”

“I can even give you my life, if you wanted.”

Song Yue Yi:… Something doesn’t seem to be right here.



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