My First Love Is Secret Love 初恋别嚣张 (我的初恋是暗恋) by 提拉诺 Ti La Nuo

Zhu Qianshuang who was a chubby girl in high school fell in love with Qiao Ye but didn’t dare to confess her feelings for him, thus she makes up her mind to lose weight.

After trying various weight loss methods such as dieting, taking weight-loss drugs, trying electrotherapy and even throwing up the food she eats, not only does Zhu Qianshuang fail to get thinner but she is also ostracized and ridiculed by everyone around her. Zhu Quanshuang is back at square one despite persisting for so long and her secret love ends uneventfully.

After graduation, she and Qiao Ye part ways. However, she never knew that the happiness and sadness that she had experienced was also felt by Qiao Ye. Yet for various reasons, they both didn’t have the chance to reveal their true feelings. Two people who taught each other to be brave brushed past each other with their memories disappearing in their youth.


[Ebook][Audiobook][Drama][Người Mới Tức Giận]


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