My Wife’s Double Life 贼娘子 (柳叶摘星辰) by 烟秾 Yan Nong

The legendary thief of the capital marries into the Xu family, thus starting a battle of wits and will with a stone-faced inspector. Caught in a cat and mouse game, the two natural enemies learn to become husband and wife.

The real identity of the mysterious “willow thief” is a young woman named Liu Rong. Thirteen years ago, she was rescued by Lord Su from the great floods in the South. In order to repay Lord Su for saving her life, Liu Rong pretends to be his daughter Su Jinzhen and marries Xu Muchen. Under Lord Su’s instructions, she must infiltrate the Xu manor in order to find a jade pendant.

From the start, neither spouse gave any thought for their sham of a marriage. On the surface, Liu Rong is a gentle and considerate wife. By night, she is a notorious bandit that treks through thousands of homes and steals from hundreds of households.

Due to his position as the inspector, Xu Muchen and the “willow thief” have been caught in repeated confrontations. Without knowing that the thief he’s been trying to catch is his wife “Su Jinzhen,” Xu Muchen returns from his troublesome run ins with the “willow thief” only to find more trouble waiting for him at home. Thereafter, the day-to-day interactions between an official and a thief leads to a sweet romance.




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