Mysterious Love 半吟 (他在逆光中告白) by 弱水千流 Ni Shui Qian Liu

It tells the story between a cold guy with exceptional fighting skills and an eccentric stage actress who reunite after five years.

The quirky stage actress Ruan Nianchu accidentally meets Li Teng, the cool and handsome type who is good at everything. Li Teng rescues Ruan Nianchu from danger and the two form a lasting impression of each other. However, their lives take different trajectories. Five years later, a reunion disrupts Ruan Nianchu’s life.


[Ebook]Drama][Ngam Nga or Ban Ngam][Audiobook][Eng Translation]


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  1. Lhie
    Lhie June 22, 2022 at 3:42 am |

    I binge watched the drama because the poster looked interesting. I’m glad i did. It was super cute. Although the flashbacks kinda make it a bit confusing but i have no regrets. It seemed like the ml was cold to our fl but in the end, he did the chasing. If only there’s an english translation for the novel. *hint hint

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