Night Traveller (Night Wanderer) 夜旅人 by 赵熙之 Zhao Xi Zhi (HE)

Time dislocation, fateful meeting.

On July 11 1937, No. 699 Apartment in Shanghai, at 10 o’clock p.m., Sheng Qingrang returned home from an academic seminar and the corridor lamp suddenly went out.

On July 11 2015, No. 699 Apartment in Shanghai, at 10 o’clock p.m., Zongying returned home from the crime scene and the corridor lamp flashed.

Two time-space intersected because of the same light and shadow.

Sheng Qingrang, a famous lawyer in the Republic of China period, gentle, reserved and honest, with a peaceful heart.

Zongying, is a modern legal medical expert, cool-headed and brave, with almost naive persistence.

In their first meeting, he was her Mr. No Hurry, who sent her to hospital with a black umbrella in his hand.

When they met again, he was her renter, holding a renting proof of the 26th year of the Republic of China.

They met late at night when the time-space intersected.

Their love transcended time and space, and when it broke out, it was eternal.

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