No Pollution, No Public Nuisance / Harm 无污染、无公害 by Priest (HE)

“When I was young, whenever I wrote essays and compositions, I frequently concluded such essays and compositions by declaring that ‘It is my aspiration to become a useful member of society who contributes greatly to society.’. As such, by the end of each semester, I would have made such declarations approximately twenty to thirty times for that semester; clearly, it was more of a generic, throwaway line than an actual aspiration.”

“And, when I matured into an adult, I gradually discovered that being a normal individual who refrains from being a public nuisance, would be my greatest contribution to society.”

The Leader of the Wulin [1] Alliance had stayed up all night in order to work overtime, causing his liver to suffer greatly. Being in a horrible mood, the Leader staunchly refused to organize the annual great banquet for heroes. The descendant of the leader of the Beggar Sect is a compulsive shopaholic, and the descendant of the renowned “Sparrow In The Hall” (who had been famed for leaving no traces whenever he went) had severe social anxiety and possessed an intense fear of leaving his house……

As the martial arts world steadily deteriorated, only the followers of the demonic sects continued their pursuit of their original aspirations – every single day, the followers of the demonic sect insisted on hollering their slogan, on tirelessly promoting and selling their counterfeit health products, and on meticulously and methodically disrupting the law and order of society.

And yet, all the aforementioned pugilists, regardless of whether they belonged to the righteous or the demonic sects – none of them possessed fighting capabilities.

Repaying one’s debt of gratitude and exacting one’s revenge at rapid speed? Riding a white horse that was galloping in the wind? All these were non-existent. In the modern world, the pugilists even had to rely on their credit cards to pay their monthly mortgage payments.

Ah, the aging pugilists were out-of-date, pedantic fogeys, and grief has five stages.

[1] Wulin – Fictional society populated by various pugilists skilled in martial arts.

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