Novoland: The Son of Darkness 九州·黑暗之子 by 唐缺 Tang Que



[Son of Darkness] is comprised of a series of four stories revolving around Ye Kong Shan and Cheng Kuang.

Cheng Kuang is a Mei who has just come into existence and had taken on the form of a young human girl. She is beautiful, intelligent and simple-hearted. She wants to melt into the human society and live like a normal human. Because of her desire become a true “human”, she was specially arranged to become a subordinate to the famous detective Ye Kong Shan. Ye Kong Shan’s outer appearance is lazy and messy, but along the way she realizes that he can be very passionate, possessing observation and judgement skills surpassing other detectives of his rank. These two, one active and one quiet, like teacher-student yet like friends, together with Ye Kong Shang’s resourcefulness and Cheng Kuang’s unique mind-tapping abilities they go on to crack multiple mysterious cases. Also unknowingly, they had grown romantic feelings for each other…

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