Novoland: Eagle Flag 九州·缥缈录 by 江南 Jiang Nan

Heir Apparent Lu Guichen of Green Sun Tribe in Northern Continent, comes to Eastern Continent to be the hostage prince. He gets to know Ji Ye, a concubine’s son who gets no favor from his father, and Princess Yu Ran of Feather Tribe.

The three of them are bullied and face a lot of challenges in Crown Prince Academy. By helping each other, they build up a deep friendship. Because of Yu Ran’s cheerful, lively and unconstrained personality, both Lu Guichen and Ji Ye have a crush on her.

Ying Wuyi, the Lord of Fire State, has the Emperor to order all the feudal princes to have a decisive battle in Young Death Pass. Lu Guichen, Ji ye and Yu Ran follow loyal General Xi Yan to form a righteous troop for this battle. Who knows this battle is actually a conspiracy. What will these youngsters do?

(Credit: Viki)

[Ebook ][Drama with Eng Subs][NO Eng Translation Yet][Audiobook][Intro to Novoland]


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