Past Life and Life/ Happiness Over Two Lifetimes/ Two Lives The Upper Class Female Constable (The Love Lasts Two Minds) 两世欢/ 兩世歡高門女捕 by 寂月皎皎 Ji Yue Jiao Jiao

A story connected by a series of bizarre cases that has romance, suspense and politics as it follows two people entangled in the fight for the throne. Waking up with a new personality after a trauma, Yuan Qingli runs from her wedding and becomes a constable.

In the first year of Later Liang lived Yuan Qingli, the daughter of a general. While on the road to a nunnery to reflect and meditate, she is abducted and knocked unconscious. After her rescue, Yuan Qingli wakes up days later without her memories and with a new personality. To escape from her own wedding, she dresses as a man and becomes a constable of Qinhe County.

Zhao Wang’s adopted son Jing Ci is ambushed while accompanying his childhood friend Feng Mianwan to foster a political alliance. After being rescued by Liang Wang, Jing Ci assumes the identity of a Liang official and discovers clues to a conspiracy within the palace courts. To pursue his investigation, Jing Ci goes to Qinghe on business and takes a position as a county official. The sickly Jing Ci and rookie constable Yuan Qingli join hands to unravel layers upon layers of long-standing corruption. In a quest for the truth, Yuan Qingli also learns her real identity.

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