Peppermint Thistles Without White Flowers (Endless Love) 薄荷荼靡梨花白 by 电线 Dian Xian (OE)


This event is preceded by an absurd beginning:

On a dark and windy night, my date of exactly 3 months and 1 day decided to follow his nonsensical idea of ” if I don’t go to hell, who will” mentality to save the earth from my scourge…. He proposed to me!!! However, I don’t know which moron recommended him this method of proposing… embed the ring in my favorite honey peach ice cream! Anyway, under his eager anticipation, innocent, naive and honest me, scooped a giant spoon and swallowed it ….. In slow motion, I saw his nervous flickering eyes grow wider and wider (normal people will classify this as a shock and horror expression!) …as my vision went black…..

The most gloomy and depressing thing happened…..I transcended through time: some people time travelled through accidents or sickness and death, some via suicide, some while they slept, as for me…The most ridiculous unexpected way…..choking on a diamond proposal ring!!! Fortunately in the most unfortunate of events, I ended up in a rather good family…..

Born with exquisite beauty, loved by many, faced with truth, lies, schemes and misunderstandings…how will she choose to live her life?

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  1. Pm
    Pm March 9, 2014 at 5:17 pm |

    Anyone…….help pls….I’m trying to load a story by Dian xian, similar to this book, but i can’t seem to get the image and link in properly…can help edit….I left it in draft :p so so sorry….I’m really bad at this 🙁

  2. Peanuts
    Peanuts March 9, 2014 at 10:37 pm |

    Pm dear, have you finished reading that book? You are free to post whatever book you want but I need to warn you that book will make you vomit blood. I read the plot before. Spoiler below:

    That girl is very annoying. I think she liked 3 guys & gave birth to 2 babies with 2 different men.

    I’ve edited for you. I am always here to help you:P

  3. Pm
    Pm March 10, 2014 at 2:49 am |

    Yep…I puked tonnes of blood….but somehow…I liked it……I give u a summary here k….. Then u see if it’s oky to post…if not then pls help remove this post…. :p I dun want rotten smelly eggs thrown….hehehe

    Spoiler spoiler

    Main cast:
    Xiang rong – female lead
    Xiao bai – her brother whom she grew up with
    Li Mao – crown prince whom she is bethrothed to
    Hua fei – leader of the eight treasures sect, poison master, jack of all trades
    Cai Mao – Li mao’ older brother, same father, same mother.
    Lan Mao – 16th prince, young little boy
    Zi xia piao xue – weird king with purple hair and purple eyes, ruthless and evil. Also known as Yao nie.

    She actually only liked 1 guy….xiao bai….her bro whom she grew up with…. But the guy she was betrothed/married to (Li Mao) loved her greatly and only. The rest of the guys liked her coz of her beauty.

    Xiao bai and her grew up together as siblings..(..but unknown to them…he was a king of another state….) they loved each other and eloped…..he was her first man….however, they were caught and she got locked up by Li Mao, her official husband….who was livid tat she slept with xiao bai….so well…he kinda locked her up and forced himself on her…till she got pregnant….then she “died” coz of her poison…..but she gave birth to the baby,( which was kidnapped by Yao nie for some unknown reason… )

    After giving birth, she “died” and somehow was taken away by hua fei to revive and remove the poison from her body….he likes her, but she does not like him at all….stayed with him and his sect for about 3 years. He mainly usher savior at most times.

    Evil Yao nie kidnapped Xiang rong, locked her up, got her drunk, bedded her which resulted in her 2nd son….. She never knew about it, only when she was diagnosed to be pregnant then she tried to recall how and when. All she knew was she woke up with a tatto on her right waist.

    The other 2 Mao brothers also liked her but didn’t do anything….except older Mao brother tried to assisnate Li Mao for the throne.

    Story has lots of twists and turns……I honestly didn’t know how it was going to end….didn’t know who to ship either…..but it has a bitter west ending depending on who you ship.

    But I must say, Xiang rong only loved 1 guy…..till circumstances forced her to release that person, at the same time, falling in love with another, due to the famous, 日久生清 phrase.

  4. Peanuts
    Peanuts March 10, 2014 at 2:53 am |

    Although, i personally don’t like this book, I am sure there are ppl who like it so do post it. There are many Dian Xian’s fans out there so let them judge it. Let them read your synopisis & spoiler to decide if they wanna read this book. Otherwise curiosity may kill the cat, lol.

    I don’t like all the guys in the novels from what I’ve read. I feel like beating each & everyone of them up, lol. The female lead is also weird. How come you like this novel? Well pm, you’ve peculiar taste but it is ok to be different, lol.

  5. Melanie
    Melanie March 10, 2014 at 9:56 am |

    Pm – Hmm, the plot line sounds convoluted, but at least, it seems like it might be unconventional enough to keep readers turning the page? Have you already finished this book? So who is the first male lead, Xiao Bai or Li Mao? What happened to Xiao Bai after Xiang Rong was locked up by Li Mao? What happened to Li Mao after she was kidnapped by the Yao Nie? What happened to the modern day guy who was trying to propose to Xiang Rong? Which guy did Xiang Rong end up with? Is this novel funny?

  6. Pm
    Pm March 10, 2014 at 10:53 am |

    Yep…I’m done already….

    To my understanding….male lead is Li Mao….tho I must say xiao bai has a share too….. Think of huo qu bing and meng jiu, liu fu ling and meng jue…..

    The opening is actually just a comical start to the rest of the story… reference to modern day lifestyle or using her modern day concepts to improve the past era kinda story plot….

    I must say this novel is rather funny….I kinda liked the way the female lead thinks and describes situations…….she renamed Li Mao as a cat species, Li Mao…leopard, and his brother zhao Cai Mao as the lucky cat and little 16 th prince , lan mao, as either a pomogrante (shi liu) or blue cat…..she plays on the similar sounding words in Chinese… She does have other funny descriptions…which makes it entertaining…

    It’s kinda similar to 2 ex husbands on one stage kind of husband changing scenarios….but ultimately ends up with the one she officially married….

  7. Melanie
    Melanie March 10, 2014 at 9:10 pm |

    I might give this story a try. I kind of like Two Ex-Husbands. It is not as funny as Heavy Sweetness but still quite hilarious and has much more twists and turns than Heavy Sweetness. Dian Xian has a good sense of humor. Though the story line in Peppermint Thistles is a bit different, I have confidence that Dian Xian is going to make me laugh. 🙂 From your summary, I do feel very sympathetic toward the female lead, though. She seems to be at the mercy of the males in the story. Also, that part about Li Mao raping her until she got pregnant is a bit shady. I am not sure how Dian Xian is going to dance around the issue of rape and give them a typical happily ever after. What happens to Xiang Rong’s two babies?

  8. decembi
    decembi March 11, 2014 at 10:30 am |

    Haha, wow this novel is finally posted on SSB. I’ve been staying away from it despite loving Dian XIan, because I heard this is her first novel (or second?) and very very very raw and inconsistent. I’m also allergic to having more than 3 males in a story!

  9. May
    May March 11, 2014 at 1:55 pm |

    Ooo so this is Dian Xian’s other book. I heard that it wasn’t as nice as the other two books too.

    Pm how do you like this book compared to the other two books?

    I’m quite curious about the book as well since it’s a Dian Xian book but like Melanie, I feel that the storyline is abit iffy. The female lead gets raped a few times by the male leads?? Don’t think I can like a male lead who behaves in that manner to the female lead. Also, she falls in love with her brother; but at that time did they know they weren’t siblings anymore?

    What is Yao Nie’s agenda for kidnapping Xiang Rong and forcing himself on her? Does he even like her or is it for some other reason? The two male leads are Li Mao and Yao Nie?

    Could you give a spoiler for the ending? It seems trickier to give a happy ending since the female leads undergoes so much with more than two male leads.

  10. Pm
    Pm March 11, 2014 at 3:30 pm |

    Hhmm…’s actually not as well written as 2 ex husbands…but still an ok read…still has its fair share of laughs and jokes..

    But yes…..I agree the issue of rape is well…abit difficult to digest…..honestly as I was reading..I jumped to the ending to find out…coz I was getting abit upset abt how it was unfolding. Somehow in the beginning i shipped the brother…. But then I started to ship Li Mao subsequently….

    May…I think I liked 2 ex husbands more….but this one has a same feel, just that I got a bit upset that she was kidnapped again and again…I’m following decembi’s heavy can’t comment coz dunno the whole story.

    Maybe I should use give a spoiler here and then let u all decide? I will write the spoiler in the next comment so u guys can choose to read or jump k.

  11. Pm
    Pm March 11, 2014 at 3:56 pm |


    Yun Xiang rong is the female lead…..she travelled thru time and emerged as a baby…so well…she is a 24 yr old girl trapped in a newborns body…..she accidentally uttered her first word as “die” (dad in Chinese) and shocked everyone coz to have a newborn speak is rather creepy….. Just so happens that the emperor decided to visit her dad, the prime minister, and heard that the infant could talk….so she was “forced” to say sth..coz the emperor asked her to utter a word…she Thor she could play dumb, but the eunuch pinched her butt so hard that she thot to herself that if she does not say sth, the guy won’t release his pinch, so she again called “die”. The emperor got so touched that he bethrothed her to his 10 yr old crown prince….that’s how she ended up being bethrothed.

    Xiao bai is her brother…actually, not really her brother in that sense. He comes from am unspecified lineage…..just stated that his mother is her father’s distant cousin, and he lost his father at a very young age, so her dad took the mother and son in under his wing, so essentially they are distant cousins. I’m not sure if her dad knew his background, but since he had no sons, he adopted him as his son to carry on his family line. He grew up with her, and fell in love since young…..but he is actually the king of another state. He eloped with her when she was 10, but was captured by Li Mao, and somehow he escaped and went back to his kingdom…..he wanted to expand his power so he could regain Xiang rong again. But his nature is gentle and not power crazy, but coz he wanted to save her, he had to build his strength and conquer Li mao’s state.

    Li Mao is the crown prince of the state she lives in, and her dad is the prime minister. He was forced to marry her coz of his dads crazy betrothal, but as he
    Intended to his personal eunuch recount her daily activities to him every night, love slowly blossomed, but he never realized till when he went to her placed and she ran and bumped into him…then he was head over heels, and wholly loyal and devoted to her.

    Hua fei is the leader of a mysterious sect that is proficient I the use of poisons….Xiang rong saved him once, and I think he fell in love with her, so he tried to kidnap her as well……

    Yao nie, or mr purple I will call him, is a mysterious but ruthless wied guy. Purple hair, purple eyes….. I think he also is taken by Xiang rongs beauty and wants her as his empress.

    Oky, so those are the main guys….spoiler for ending is that, she ends up with Li Mao, their son lives with them and is the crown prince…coz they o ly have 1 child, coz her difficult labour with child 2 caused her to be unable to be pregnant again.

    Her second son got stucked with mr purple, but she also does not want to see him, coz she is repulsed by the fAct she got raped by him and did not even realize. She tried to abort the baby but never succeeded. But she still hand makes clothes and sends them to him to wear….and mr purple always sends her gifts and 2 specific things consistently, which translates to miss you, please return home. So I assume he really loves her.

    She thought xiao bai betrayed her, coz when she met him, he was a king, had a wife and son….but after her aunt explained to her, and told her to not put him in such a spot, especially now she cannot conceive, and that xiao bai already has a wife and child, but the child is not his, his wife is the sister of mr
    purple…..he joined forces with mr purple to increase his power, but marriage is the condition. The aunt says for the good of xiao bai, release him….so she gave xiao bai up, but also, part of her loves Li Mao, coz Li Mao sacrificed so. So much for her…..when she was on the verge of dying, coz she had some funny poison I her, he fed her daily with his blood….he slit his wrist everyday and made her swallow his blood….and when she “died” he was so sad his hair turned white overnight….and he grew peppermint all over the palace, and made her his only empress…..he carried her ashes and placed it on the throne…

    So yep….that’s the story…..abit disjointed but the idea is fairly there……

  12. Melanie
    Melanie March 11, 2014 at 9:16 pm |

    Pm – Thank you so much for your summary. I listened to the first 5 chapters of the audiobook. So far, I think the story is pretty cute and is funny in some parts. It is clearly stated at the very beginning that Xiao Bai is some distant relative and not her biological brother, so I am fine with Xiang Rong falling in love with him. He is very sweet towards her and their love has that sort of innocence that makes me sigh and smile when I think about the first blush of love. So far, I don’t have much to say about Li Mao, since he doesn’t make that many appearances in the first 5 chapters. Li Mao is 10 years older than Xiang Rong, whereas Xiao Bai is only 4 years her senior. Therefore, I can see why Xiang Rong would be closer to Xiao Bai. Growing up with her also helps Xiao Bai, of course. By chapter 5, Xiang Rong is 9 years old, Xiao Bai is 13 years old, and Li Mao is 19 years old. Xiao Bai already has feelings of puppy love toward Xiang Rong, who is already a stunning beauty at the age of 9. I can’t quite tell what Xiang Rong’s feelings for Xiao Bai are yet at this point, but she seems to like playing with him. She’s feisty and has quite a quirky sense of humor, even at the age of 9. Li Mao already took his first concubine at the age of 16, so now at the age of 19, who knows how many concubines he has. He appears to be a pretty serious guy, discussing political affairs with Xiang Rong’s father, the prime minister.

    What I am curious about is…

    1) So Xiang Rong and Xiao Bai elope when Xiang Rong was merely 10 years old? That is an awfully young age to be eloping, but perhaps people in ancient times consider that age ripe for marriage? I am still shocked and uncomfortable with this, nonetheless. They are just kids themselves!

    2) How many years were Xiao Bai and Xiang Rong gone for before Li Mao catches up with them?

    3) And please do not tell me that Li Mao rapes Xiang Rong when she was only 10 years old. The repetitive rapes are already hard to swallow, but if a 20 year old man rapes a 10 year old girl, then he is not only a rapist but a pedophile! I love Dian Xian because of her two other novels, Heavy Sweetness and Two Ex-Husbands, but a pedophile and rapist male lead is a bit hard to stomach. I can accept it if Xiang Rong were 16 and Li Mao were 26, for example. I know 16 is still young by today’s standards, but in ancient times, most girls have already given birth to at least one child by that age.

  13. Melanie
    Melanie March 11, 2014 at 10:26 pm |

    Haha. I am now on chapter 8 of the audiobook. I really like the female lead so far. She reminds me a bit of Huang Rong from Jin Yong’s Condor Heroes. She’s playful, feisty, definitely intelligent with street smarts, and a troublemaker! Hahaha. Actually, the troublemaker part of her reminds me a bit of Jin Mi, also. 🙂

    Xiao Bai is so sweet. He yields to his Rong Er on just about everything.

    Li Mao has made another appearance in Chapter 8 of the audiobook. So far, I have a favorable opinion of him. He’s suave and dashing, especially during his “hero swoops in and saves beautiful maiden” scene in Chapter 8. 🙂

  14. decembi
    decembi March 12, 2014 at 3:16 am |

    Thanks pm for the awesome summary!

    Melanie’s questions makes me curious. Haha, I’m still wary of reading this but may read it one day if Dian Xian never writes a new novel again 🙁

  15. Melanie
    Melanie March 12, 2014 at 10:16 am |

    Be brave, decembi! Just read the book! 😀 By the way, I have noticed SOOOO many updates on your website and haven’t even had a chance to read them yet. But when I do get to it next week, I know I am in for a big treat, because I can feast on all the updates! Plus, I heard May may be translating Two Ex-Husbands. Yay!

    I am now on chapter 29 of the story’s audiobook. I believe Xiang Rong is now 14 years old (almost 15?). She is just planning to elope with Xiao Bai, so she actually doesn’t elope at age 10. She has been married to Li Mao for 4 years now, and Li Mao has been nothing but a gentleman to her, other than stealing a few kisses and hugs from her. The guy is pretty funny, too, teasing Xiang Rong whenever he can. He is actually very sweet and loving to her, promising her that he would wait her to love him back before consummating their marriage. He even goes to war for her honor. Seeing how he treats her, I might not condone his raping her later on, but I think I can understand why he becomes so angry when he learns of her elopement. He treats her like his most precious possession, and she sneaks off with another man while he’s at war fighting for her honor.

    But I also like Xiao Bai. He has always been there for Xiang Rong, shielding her from the wind and rain. Even after she married, he waited for her, just hoping to catch a glimpse of her every so often.

    Right now, I am straddling both ships, not sure which one to board. :p

    The story so far is definitely not as funny as Two Ex-Husbands and Heavy Sweetness, but it definitely has its humorous moments, such as the part when Li Mao is jealous of Guo Jing, because he doesn’t realize Jing Ge Ge is a wuxia character from a modern day novelist. Ha.

  16. decembi
    decembi March 12, 2014 at 10:55 am |

    Hahaha I shall wait for your review of it when you complete the whole novel! I’m still hesitant because there are toooo many male leads.

    Yes, I’ve been awfully productive! I tell peanuts it’s my impatient self wanting to complete a project. I don’t know how I ended up with two 🙁

    Hahaha May is trying to translate! I hope she does. Will be v excited to read 2 ex husbands in english!

  17. Pm
    Pm March 12, 2014 at 11:38 am |

    Melanie….it’s cute isn’t it? Yep…xiao bai grew up with her and basically love grew up with him…..the epilogues will reveal Li mao’s feeling towards her….but he does love her very deeply…in fact I think they all love her greatly…xiao bai and li Mao being on par….

    In regards to age…..Xiang rong is basically a 24 yr old in a baby’s she is essentially 34 when she is 10 yrs old and Li Mao is closer in terms of age to her…but I think in those days…. Coz of the short life span, adulthood starts earlier….. The marriage age of 10 was stated by the emperor..but consummation is only allowed at 15… If I recall correctly, it was around that age…. But they eloped before the consummation ceremony, but xiao bai was the first man she had. Xiao bai and her were together for a couple of months…

    Nope the rape occurs add 14/15 if I’m not wrong….

    Decembi’s….no worries 🙂 I’m a silet stalker on ur site too…hehe…. It’s not too bad a story to read…just get abit upset that she keeps getting caught and separated from her son and li Mao.

    Melanie…..dun u just love Li Mao….he is just so so loving to her and is just like a shelter to her..even tho he raped her…I can give him some slack..coz he just lost it..but he was so so sorry about it…..

    Decembi … 2 ex has 2 male leads…..this one also has 2… Hua fei is a side line character, cute but I dun think he is deeply in love……as for mr purple….I think he is smitten with her beauty and spunk…but more possessive than love.

  18. May
    May March 12, 2014 at 1:47 pm |

    Thanks for the spoilers Pm and Melanie!

    Ok maybe I can give Li Mao a chance since he actually loves her and initially wanted to wait for her to be ready before the consummation. And feeding her his blood to save is another plus point for him (his blood has magical properties?)

    The storyline reminds me of Man Man Qing Luo where the female lead is a time travelling beauty and all the guys are crazy about her partly because of the beauty and also for the sassy character.

    I haven’t done much translating for Two Ex-Husbands except part of the first chapter! Gosh I’m feeling shy about it. It was just for fun to see what translators undergo and to test my Chinese-English translation proficiency. Maybe I will just try to translate parts of the book where there are funny interactions or the epilogues because the whole book is too daunting for me. (I also skipped some parts where the two male leads were politicking) Or maybe Melanie any scenes you want me to focus on?

  19. Melanie
    Melanie March 12, 2014 at 10:21 pm |

    I’m up to chapter 36 of the audiobook. It’s actually quite sad now. Before Xiang Rong passed away, she told Li Mao that she could feel his love for her, but she was a selfish person with a very small heart which had room for only one man (Xiao Bai). My Mandarin is not that great, but I thought I heard that her baby died at birth, too. Xiang Rong told Li Mao that she had wanted to leave him with a baby so that Li Mao at least could have something of her with him after she passed away. Now that their son had also died, she apologized to Li Mao that she was a bad wife, that she couldn’t stay with him, that she had to go, because Xiao Bai (who apparently had died a few months prior) was waiting for her. She wished Li Mao luck in finding a wife truly worthy of his love, who could love him back. She asked him to forget her and move on. He sobbingly told her he didn’t want to move on, that she was his happiness and no one could replace her. Then she left….and Li Mao’s hair turned all white within the span of one night due to extreme grief. It was as if she had taken all his life and youth with her and left him with nothing but an empty shell, old and withered. This scene sort of reminds of Jin Mi’s passing in Heavy Sweetness. 🙁

    May – Even though I have not translated a single thing in my life, I am sure it is very difficult and labor-consuming to do a translation. I can only imagine the amount of work involved, and that is why I am so grateful to all the translators out there (peanuts, lidge, hamster, decembi, you, Hui3r, xia0yuer to name a few) who choose to go through this labor of love to share with the rest of us, who depend on your translations.

    With that said, I am grateful for anything you choose to translate from Two Ex-Husbands. However, if you would like to take requests, then I would love to read the beginning, when Miao Er first married Pei Yan Zheng and then San Gong Zi. I recall from the radio drama that the beginning was hilarious, especially when PYZ had SGZ arrested so that SGZ couldn’t spend his wedding night with Miao Er. 😀 Also, I would love to read the parts during the latter part of the novel when Miao Er spent time with PYZ right before she faked her second death up until the part when PYZ loses his eyesight from crying. This part was certainly less funny, but it showed the depth of PYZ’s love for Miao Er, and it was the first time I gradually started forgiving him for getting Miao Er embroiled in his revenge plot. I would also love to read the end parts, when Miao Er returned to PYZ’s estate to take care of the him out of her own free will. I found that part romantic, too. And finally, last but not least, I would love to read the epilogues, especially the one from SGZ’s point of view. I greatly pity that man. PYZ had the lion’s share of the spotlight in the novel, but I believe SGZ would have given up his empire for his Miao Miao, also, had she loved him back like she loved PYZ. In a way, SGZ became the Ren Yu from Heavy Sweetness towards the end – resigned that he will not have his happily ever after with Miao Er. One difference was that SGZ’s hope to reunite with Miao Er never died, as he kept hoping PYZ would fall in love with someone else, leaving Miao Er heartbroken so that he could swoop in and love her again, whereas Ren Yu simply pined for Jin Mi from a distance, knowing that his chance with JIn Mi had passed and he wasn’t getting a second chance.

  20. Melanie
    Melanie March 12, 2014 at 11:03 pm |

    Ok, now I truly pity Li Mao and I might just be able to forgive him for his rape. I am on chapter 37, right after Xiang Rong’s death. After she passed, he refused to acknowledge her demise. No one was allowed to wear mourning clothes, no one was allowed to mourn for her, for he denied that she had left him. He kept her body preserved in their chambers with some magic pearls (?). To him, she was simply in a deep sleep; she was still by his side. Anyone who dared mention her death would be killed. By the 4th month after Xiang Rong’s passing, a drunken Li Mao accidentally started a fire in his own chambers. Servants barely saved him in time, but Xiang Rong’s body could not be saved from the fire. The following morning, after waking up from his drunken stupor, Li Mao nearly went mad when he found out that Xiang Rong’s body was gone. He kept her ashes by his bedside after that. When he ascended to the throne after his father’s death, he placed her ashes on the Empress’ throne, along with the red handkerchief used to cover her head during their wedding night. His actions were eerily romantic somehow and incredibly sad. I think any woman would be moved by his actions, especially Xiang Rong.

    I had a difficult time understanding the latter part of the chapter. The next part of the chapter talked about a new king being throned in another country. This new emperor formed a political alliance with Zi Xia Piao Xue (whom Li Mao had previously defeated in battle in order to defend Xiang Rong’s honor) by marrying Zi Xia Piao Xue’s sister. This new emperor had a son with Zi Xian Piao Xue’s sister. I assume this new emperor is Xiao Bai. But there was some mention of Xi Zi Piao Xue having a son, too, unless I am horribly mistaken. Can you confirm this for me, Pm? I thought Zi Xia Piao Xue only had one son with Xiang Rong? Also, what ever happened to the son Xiang Rong had with Li Mao? Did he really die at birth?

  21. Melanie
    Melanie March 13, 2014 at 1:49 am |

    I am now on chapter 44, after Xiang Rong was rescued by Hua Fei. Pm, can you tell me how exactly Hua Fei knew about Xiang Rong? Did he know her previously? If he did, I must have missed it while listening to the audiobook. Why did he rescue her? I am totally confused.

    Anyway, apparently, the fire in the crown prince’s chambers was not started by a drunken Li Mao. Hua Fei was the one who actually started the fire as a distraction so that he could steal Xiang Rong’s “body.” Xiang Rong was not dead yet, but just in a deep coma that I guess emulated death. After he took Xiang Rong, Hua Fei cured her poison and took her as his disciple.

    This Hua Fei guy is hilarious. Btw, does his name mean fertilizer?! Haha. He is this 148-year-old man but has the face and body of a handsome 20-something-year-old. His sect has some sort of martial arts that keeps the practitioner young looking, as long as he does not fall in love. Hua Fei is quirky, blunt, and has no social etiquette! Haha. He obviously likes Xiang Rong but really does not know how to go about showing it. His ways of expressing his love are so weird that they are funny.

    In a way, Hua Fei is very reminiscent of Donghua Dijun for Pillow Book. He has lived for so long that he does not remember how to behave in polite society, nor does he care if his behavior is considered weird. And like Donghua, he absolutely has no clue how to court his lady love. 😛

    I worry for poor Hua Fei, though. Now that he has fallen in love, will he turn into a withered old man? It seems that Xiang Rong has the ability to suck the life out of a man. First Li Mao turns gray, now Hua Fei might lose his youth, too! No wonder people say Xiang Rong is a beauty who can topple empires and bring men to their feet. 😛

  22. xia0yuer
    xia0yuer March 13, 2014 at 1:57 am |

    I read this a while ago. it was amusing but the main character seemed so removed from everything around her that I never really got into it. My favorite is little Lan Mao. He’s so cute! All the other guys were either extremely ba dao (Li Mao and the purple eyed monster) or doormats (Xiao Bai). Hua Fei was funny but for some reason I never felt that he really loved Xiang Rong, he seemed to treat her more like his sister.

  23. Melanie
    Melanie March 13, 2014 at 2:06 am |

    Xia0yuer! Where have you been all this time? I miss you! Have you gone and gotten married and left Wallace Chung?

    I agree this book is not as good as Dian Xian’s other two works. I don’t have a huge problem with Li Mao’s ba dao attitude. Perhaps I just like my novel male leads a bit overbearing and jealous (minus the rape, of course). I do not like doormats, but Xiao Bai is such a sweet darling of a doormat that how can I bear wiping my shoes on him? 😀 I like Hua Fei’s kookiness, but maybe it’s because I am a bit kooky myself. Ha. I have not met Zi Xiao Piao Xue, so no comment on that character yet.

  24. decembi
    decembi March 13, 2014 at 2:46 am |

    Thank you pm, your spoilers are super enticing! Haha. Also, Mel, I loveeeee your super detailed summary of each chapter haha. I think I may end up reading this after my current novel. I’ve given up a few modern c-novels halfway and also read the epilogue of Mei Gong Qing, and decided to read 天子谋!

    May, hahahah! I don’t know if it’s because many people read the comments on the Heavy Sweetness translations or it’s peanuts, but I think everyone now thinks you are going to translate 2 ex husbands. Hahaha. No pressure though! Translating should be fun, or no one will do it? Haha

    Xiaoyuer, I think this is the first time I get to talk to you. Thank you for letting me continue the translations for Heavy Sweetness! It was quite hard to follow your standard of translations because my mandarin is less strong and I’m less detailed, but I’m trying!

  25. Pm
    Pm March 13, 2014 at 3:05 am |

    Wow….Mel…you are really into this book……one night and lots of updates….

    Yep…I didn’t want to post that part coz it was a major spoiler……isn’t Li Mao just so so devoted to Xiang rong? But xiao bai also is…but in his own way as you will soon find out…..

    Hihi xiaoyuer…..first time talking to you too…hehe…I like ur description of mr purple monster…yes he is!!!!! I totally dislike him……

    Mel wait till unread what he has done….you will be so so mad with him!!!

    Decembi….come on board this weird ship…haha…but there are so much spoilers the whole book is already “read” hahahahahah….

    I also dun think hua fei really loves her….just taken by her beauty and the fact she saved him…..

    Hint hint….they all met her at the same time on the same day… Rem she mentioned abt it somewhere in the beginning…if she didn’t have her one day of fun.. Would things have turned out differently….

  26. xia0yuer
    xia0yuer March 13, 2014 at 3:45 am |

    Hi Mel! Long time no talk. Miss you too! Marriage? Nah, I have to find someone to marry first… I was distracted by other major life events… like graduating college… and finding my first job… and running my first marathon… 😀

    I am still Wallace’s #2 fan (after you of course) and His Handsomeness is gracing my background as we speak/type.

    Decembi, thanks for picking up my much neglected project! Let me know if want help translating, though I was also toying with the idea of translating Once Promised for you Tong Hua fans. I think Once Promised is much too epic to miss, especially since Koala is translating the sequel (which I still have not read… where’s my audiobook, Si Lu Min Yin?)

    Quite honestly, I don’t remember that much about Li Mao considering that he was MIA for most of the second half of the novel. There were too many men who wanted her and completely disregarded her happiness. Some key moments I liked were:

    Her childhood with Xiao Bai, especially when she asked him to draw on One Ear (the piglet)

    She brings Xiao Bai shopping, but he finds her haggling tactics so embarrassing that he pays the shopkeepers 10x the price of everything.

    She tricks Lan Mao into taking her outside the palace with the question “How many people pass the palace gates on a given day?” Her answer was “Three. Men, women, and eunuchs.”

    She designs that piece of jade for little Lan Mao and makes up a story about the carving.

    Her son always calls her “wife” (niang zi) instead of “mother” (niang).

    Zhao Cai Mao = Maneki-neko ( Enough said. 😀

    There seems to be a blank void in my head where the second half of the book should be…

  27. Melanie
    Melanie March 13, 2014 at 7:08 am |

    xia0yuer – Congratulations on your graduation! What are you doing now, if you don’t mind my asking? I am just naturally curious, like Jin Mi, and often stick both of my feet into my mouth.

    I thought about putting up a shirtless pic of Wallace Chung as my desktop background but then became too shy to carry that action out. 😀 So now, I just have a picture of my Big Pooh Bear as my desktop pic. I know… Big difference from Wallace Chung, right?

    Pm – Yes, yes, I am leaning towards boarding Li Mao’s ship, because I like my male leads a bit aggressive, dangerous, and assertive but ultimately have a soft spot for their love. Xiao Bai is such a teddy bear that I fear I might get bored of him soon. Unfortunately, xia0yuer mentioned that Li Mao mostly spent the latter half of the novel MIA. 🙁 Too many male leads, not enough time to give each his due novel time. Is Zi Xia Piao Xue that much of a monster? Is his “monster” reputation due to his ruthlessness or because he looks horrific physically? I thought it was mentioned earlier in the novel that the five most handsome men in the world were Li Mao, his older brother Cai Mao, Zi Xia Piao Xue, Xiao Bai, and Hua Fei. Of course, all five guys fell in love in their own ways with the most beautiful woman of that time, Xiang Rong. I do agree with xia0yuer that Xiang Rong seemed detached most of the time, as if she were an observer, which then made it difficult for the reader to connect with her.

    decembi – I think you should give this novel a chance, but start reading with low expectations, as it is truly not as good as what you are used to with Dian Xian novels. So far, I think the novel is enjoyable but not earth shatteringly good. This reminds me that I have not given you the links to my stories yet. I haven’t forgotten but I am suddenly having an anxiety attack. You are so used to great novels with intricately woven plots that I know my stories will pale very much in comparison. Even though you are only reading a chapter or two for fun, I fear you may find them terribly wanting. If I gather enough courage to give you the links, you should definitely read with low expectations. And I mean VERY low expectations. 😛

    By the way, I think peanuts sent me an email informing me of May’s probable intention to translate Two Ex-Husbands. Ha! So thank Miss Peanuts for the free publicity, May! 😀

  28. decembi
    decembi March 13, 2014 at 9:11 am |

    Xiaoyuer, haha everytime I type your name, I think of that JiuDaiShuangJiao’s Xiaoyuer. I’ve been translating in my slow turtle way haha. It’s ok so far. But oooh, you should really translate Once Promised! I’ve summarised some chapters and translated some scenes on my blog, because I love it so much and also cos most people don’t like Chi You it seems but i am a full on Chi You shipper!!!

    Mel, send me send me! I will read it with super generous friendly eyes. I used to write fanfiction a long time ago too! So I totally understand the vulnerability of writing.

  29. Peanuts
    Peanuts March 13, 2014 at 9:22 am |

    Xiaoyuer: Welcome back! I am glad Pm managed to lure you out of hiding, lol. Are you still listening to audio book? FYI, decembi is summarising & translating Once Promised. Maybe both of you can work together.

    Pm: See, see, even though I don’t like this book, there are still many Dian Xian diehard fans like Mel so in future post whatever you want. No censorship here:) You can be silent everywhere but not in SSB:P

    Mel: Thank you for your live summary which I enjoy reading so keep it up:) As for your own story, I know where they are so I can give decembi the link, lol. Anyway you are being modest. I am sure decembi will be lenient with you, haha…

    May: I need to clarify what Mel has written. I email her with the expressive purpose of sharing the good news that there will be a good audio book for 2 Husbands. At the same time, I mentioned in passing that you MAY translate 2 Husbands. I wrote to her privately but she publicises it here for you so you know who is the culprit, lol. Anyway, no need to feel stress or shy as you should do what you want and like to do.

    Decembi: Are your abandoned modern novels all from bongsd’s list, lol? I read the summary for 天子谋! b4. I bet you read spoilers or the ending b4 starting the novel so I don’t need to tell you which ship to board:P Anyway, pls post it in SSB when you finish. I’ll like to know what you think.

  30. decembi
    decembi March 13, 2014 at 9:41 am |

    If Xiaoyuer wants to translate, I will happily pass over! Hahaha. I love Once Promised, but it’s not easy to translate at all and will happily pass it to a better mandarin speaker. I’m going to post chapter 5 this week I think. Xiaoyuer can continue from there heeheehee.

    Peanuts, no no no I’m carefully keeping bongsd’s list, have not started yet! I’m reading vvvv slowly now. Still on the first chapter of 天子谋. I remember us talking about 天子谋 before though. Isn’t it strange? I can’t remember if I read any spoilers (my cheese memory), but I do know it’s a happy ending 🙂 🙂 🙂 and I’m pretty sure which guy she ends up with based on the first character. It’s no. 15 on your influential 50 mandarin novel list.

  31. xia0yuer
    xia0yuer March 13, 2014 at 11:33 am |

    Hi Peanuts! I’m glad to see that SSB is still going strong. I’ve been a silent lurker here and have been checking in every month, even though I don’t post much anymore. Have you been in touch with chancy at all? I am still listening to my audiobooks during my runs, but have not read any discussion worthy. There’s this iPhone app called Xi Ma Lai Ya (literally Himalayas) that allows me to directly stream or download audiobooks from wifi and 4G, so I don’t have to download to iTunes and transfer to my phone anymore.

    Decembi, I’m willing to work with you, however you want. I read all your Once Promised translations and you are doing an awesome job! If you want to keep working on OP, I’d be happy to share the work with you bc it is a lengthy book. Or, if you’d prefer to focus on Heavy Sweetness, I can also continue translating from where you left off. I realized that my writing style has evolved quite a bit since I started translating. I think you will see what I mean if I have your permission to post my version of the prologue. I didn’t realize you had already translated it until I was 3/4ths the way through.

    Pm, thanks for getting me out of my hole! I’m glad you posted this book. Although I didn’t love it, there were plenty of cute and funny moments. Also, since I already finished it, can you tell me what you meant by they all met on the same day? I totally missed the author’s foreshadowing…. Also, to be honest, I only called ZXPX the purple eyed monster because I couldn’t remember his name, haha…

    Mel, ZXPX is probably the most gorgeous man in the book. I call him a monster bc of his complete disregard for human life (you will see what I mean when you get further into the book). I think Xiang Rong may have described him as a “hong yan huo shui” meaning a femme fatale, even though he is a guy… He is that gorgeous!

    Also, I’m working in medical gaming and simulations development. Medical gaming is like the medical version of Call of Duty. You are brief and asked save people in an emergency situation. You have medical techs and nurses underneath you, but you also have to take into account triage, timing of treatment, and the resulting symptoms of patients. Simulators are basically human mannequins that can be programmed to show certain symptoms (like that of a stroke, trauma, or even a difficult birth), forcing the medical team to act like a emergency situation and perform procedures on the simulator. TLDR, I’m helping develop a system that better prepares medical personnel in emergencies bc it is ethically questionable to be teaching someone how to do a certain procedure when every second may make a difference in a life or death situation. Also, I’m not the software developer (although that would be an awesome job), I’m just your behind the scenes statistician/researcher. Excel is my second brain 😀

  32. decembi
    decembi March 13, 2014 at 12:17 pm |

    Hey xia0yuer, I replied you at my blog but will do so here as well. But first, OMG, your job sounds epic.

    I thought about it and thought that we could finish Once Promised soooo much faster if we worked together, so I thought let’s try? I will post Chapter 5 up this week, and you can work on Chapter 6? I’ll take odd and you take even? But I’m not going to translate the parts I don’t want to, so sometimes I just do summaries heheheh. I can’t access your tumblr site though? Any advice?

  33. Pm
    Pm March 13, 2014 at 3:42 pm |

    Hehe….I’m glad I’ve got no rotten eggs :p

    Wow!!! Xiaoyuer…..I’m stunned….you must be a brain!!!! I flunked stats so badly…..and my comp skills are hardly passable…….I had to beg people to help me complete my comp and web assignments… u know why I can’t maneuvere a simple posting…..

    Spoiler spoiler….
    Eh…..then again..the whole book is more spoiling already……

    Can’t rem who asked what…but here’s the spoilers….

    Xiang rong was born from a lady who was the concubine of the sect that hua fei leads..but from his fathers time or sth like tat…..but the mom ran off to marry Xiang rong’s dad…and had her..but coz of her status..she has this poison in her..that causes the yun family to be without a descendent….they all die young or sth like that. So Xiang rong was born with the poison which is manifest as a ju hua bruise on her right hand…. So when she was dying…actually, her “death” was hastened by poisoning from both Li mao’s mom and the mr fang from her household…..the only way to help maintain her first was for her to drink blood daily, coz her blood was flowing from that bruise looking thing on her hand… kinda like blood transfusion….Li Mao loved her so much that he cut his wrist daily to let her drink. So she finally “died” when she gave birth…..and the baby was kidnapped by purple monster and a dead baby was swapped…..

    I think y purple monster wanted the baby was coz he was doing some martial arts thingy…dunno what’s it called…he needed some poison that Xiang rong has….but he can’t get her, so get the child in the hope he has it too. He wanted to get it from hua fei…but can’t find or get by chance he found out that Xiang rong has he tried to get Xiang rong….but since can’t get her, so get the child. He found out coz as he was chasing for hua fei..he found out that Xiang rongs dad was looking for hua fei too….so he links it all…

    How they all met….when xiao bai brought Xiang rong out for,the day excursion and they went to the opera house…the female singer was hua fei in disguise..he somehow can change his gender, and he was injured by purple monster I think, but Xiang rong didn’t know…she and xiao bai were both In disguise…but she stood up for hua fei, coz some pan guy insisted she keep on singing, and Xiang rong saw she was really sick… she and xiao bai sang together to appease mr pan…but purple monster and Li Mao were all there as well…all in disguise or hidden from sight… by some incident, she lost the veil covering her face and was about to fall into the water, Li Mao caught her, and her face was revealed and everyone knew who she was….so thats how the ball started rolling in the entanglement issue.

    But I must say…when she died….not only did Li mao’s hair turned white And he installed an urn as the empress…..he didn’t believe she was dead and was searching for her….that’s how the rest of the guys knew she was still ard.

    Xiao bai also fell sick…to the point of death when he found out also….but I was not happy with him, coz to gain power to get her back….he joined forces with purple monster, and married his sister….and mr fang is his advisor, who was poisoning Xiang rong slowly as well… And mr fang harmed Xiang rong too! Xiao bai could have told her is identity and worked out a plan..but he hid his identity and did it the wrong way……right feelings, wrong method…..Xiang rong felt betrayed, which led to a misunderstanding and lost each other….

    So honestly, its a meng jiu and huo qi bing issue….but this round…I stick to Li Mao…..

  34. Pm
    Pm March 13, 2014 at 3:45 pm |

    But xiaoyuer…think monster is so suited to him!!!! Can’t believe he taught little zi yuan all those nonsense!!! He wanted zi yuan ( Li Mao and xiang rongs son) for his blood !! Taught him all the bad things and throws darts at the poor kid..the poor kid learns to doddge those stuff at 3 years old…

  35. Peanuts
    Peanuts March 13, 2014 at 11:52 pm |

    xiaoyuer: as long as I am still aroung it’ll thrive lol. Of course, I am still in close contact with my landlord chancy who is currently enjoying her holidays in China. Needless to ask, I am still stuck with lidge, pressuring her to post more novels:P Atsu is still around but always AWOL, haha…I think skyblu is also still lurking around after Lost You Forever reignite her love for novels:P

    Oh, I heard abt himalaya & visit that site frequently. Some of the books there are read my amateur for fun. They also have some cxt8 novels. How to download to wifi from that site? I am computer illiterate:( Is it easy? Nowadays, I download to my pc then stream to my android. If can directly download to my ipad will be good.

    Btw, you’ve such an interesting job, no wonder no novel interest you anymore, lol.

  36. xia0yuer
    xia0yuer March 14, 2014 at 12:10 am |

    Thanks, Decembi and Pm. I really enjoy what I do and hope that this technology will make a difference on patient outcomes. I dream big but ultimately I’m just a girl who is too lazy to finish her translation projects and do math so she makes Excel do everything for her…

    Decembi, our options are:
    1. Create a new blog that we can both post on. Like Peanuts/Hui3r/lidge’s blog.
    2. Post our chapters on our respective blogs and agree to not post each other’s translations. (So our readers will have to go to your blog for odd chapters and my tim for even chapters.We can post the link to the other’s blog.)
    3. Post our chapters on our respective blogs and post the other’s chapter after an agreed upon time period. For example, if I post Ch 6 next week, we can agree to keep Ch 6 only on my tumblr for seven days. Then, the week after, when you post your Ch 7 on your site, you can also post my translation of Ch 6. Our avid readers will be able to read our weekly updates on our separate blogs (for site traffic) but the ones that don’t check for updates religiously can just read the full translation later on either of our sites.
    4. One of us becomes a permanent guest blogger. Of course, we will make sure to credit the other.

    I know #3 is complicated, but I think it might be the best option if we both want to keep our readers. (not that I have any left… harhar…)

    Pm, I do remember that scene and the foreshadowing. Wow, that was such a pivotal scene… I can’t believe I forgot about it. ZXPX is a monster. Besides that darts, do you remember how he put a bunch of prisoners in a cage and told them that he would grant freedom to the last survivor? And he treated the bloodbath as entertainment…

  37. xia0yuer
    xia0yuer March 14, 2014 at 2:06 am |

    Peanuts, you just download the himalaya app from the app store onto your iPad and make an account. The home page is the first button on the bottom left. The second button is your download queue, the third orange button is for recording stuff, the fourth button is search, and the last is the your account page. Push the search button, and then push the second button on the top row at the top of the next page (the audiobook button). The buttons on the next page are genres. Find a book you like and push the down arrow button underneath the running man button. That’s the download button and you should have the whole book in your queue. Let me know if you have problems.

  38. Mei
    Mei March 14, 2014 at 2:43 am |

    May I offer my unsolicited input? 🙂

    I personally vote for #4, with xia0yuer guest-blogging on Decembi’s blog, as every time I’ve attempted to access xia0yuer’s Tumblr, it has crashed on me.

  39. decembi
    decembi March 14, 2014 at 3:18 am |

    Ok typing this on my hp because my office laptop crashes!

    That’s why i tell peanuts, dont ever leave!!!

    Haha Mei! But i agree option 3 is the fairest? It’s a good idea too since i can post ur translation with link credits and give my comments on the even chapters after a week. I will post part 2 of chapter 5 on saturday and you can work from there!! Yay exciting. My email: if you need anything! Oh i cant access your site so email me your translations when you are done? 🙁 v sad because i would love to read more abt your other writings

  40. xia0yuer
    xia0yuer March 14, 2014 at 4:22 am |

    All comments are back (yay for Disqus) and the site should be working now. if anyone has problems, let me know!

    So Decembi, you want to do #3? Can you try accessing my tumblr again?

  41. decembi
    decembi March 14, 2014 at 6:37 am |

    I can access it on my phone! Yes, 3 is fine with me if you think it’s the best choice :). 2 is ok too if ur tumblr is accessible

  42. Melanie
    Melanie March 14, 2014 at 8:07 am |

    Wow, everyone is having such a lively discussion here since I last visited this thread! I love it!

    xia0yuer – First, sheesh! Your job sounds very complicated. So will the future of medical education eventually be replaced by a software program with virtual patients? I must say I am very impressed but a little apprehensive. Don’t misunderstand; I am very pro-technological progress. When electronic medical records replaced written charts, I cheered. No longer will physicians have to read the hiergoglyphic-like, illegible scribbles of their colleagues. But I will wait and see how effective simulator mannequins are at replacing real patients in a medical teaching situation. I am excited but I have some doubts, as I still believe nothing can teach the way a real patient in a real medical emergency does. Real patients have a sneaky way of not reading the medical textbooks and throwing doctors curveballs that a pre-programmed mannequin cannot. 😛

    Pm – Wow, I thought that opera house incident was impressive, as that was where Li Mao first caught my eye, but I didn’t realize this incident was so pivotal to the plot! I totally missed it. Xiang Rong was only 10 years at that time. So everyone fell in love with her when she was only 10 years? This is a bit far-fetching, huh? She hadn’t even reached puberty yet and hadn’t blossomed as a young woman. Were all these ancient guys pedophiles??? Anyway, so Zi Xia Piao Xue saw Xiang Rong for the first time at the opera house… So he set his heart on kidnapping her at that time? And Hua Fei set his heart on saving her from poison at that moment, too? Huh???? I am totally confused how she could leave such a deep impression on all these powerful and handsome men’s hearts at the young age of 10.

    Why on earth did Mr. Fang want to poison Xiang Rong? I thought he was Xiao Bai’s shi fu and the prime minister’s ally. What motive would he have for harming Xiang Rong?

    This Zi Xia Piao Xue guy sounds like a sadist! Poor little Zi Yuan. When will he finally meet his biological parents? And when does Li Mao reappear in the story? I can’t wait for the Li Mao vs Zi Xia Piao Xue scene. It may be a fight worth seeing – two alpha males tearing each other apart. 😛

    Peanuts – I am very shy about my stories. If you post my links, I will have to open my big mouth and tell everyone on your blog (and Hui3r’s blog) about the spoilers I have read for the stories you are translating! Hehehehehe! Is that laugh evil enough for you?

    decembi and xia0yuer – Your discussion about which blog to post the translations on are making me dizzy. 😀 I am just grateful that there will be more stories to read. Without the English translations, I think I will never be able to fully understand Once Promised by listening to the audiobook as ancient stories are very difficult to comprehend. Just give me the links and I will be there with my long-winded comments!

    And I keep hearing about Koala’s website. Can someone enlighten me about what site this is and provide me with the link?

    Mei – You should speak up more often. We love unsolicited comments! I give unsolicited advice and comments all the time. 😛 The squeaky wheel gets the grease, after all. 😀

  43. May
    May March 14, 2014 at 9:02 am |

    Wow a lot has been going on here !

    So glad to meet the legendary xiaoyuer here. Am a fan of the translations and summaries u posted on your blog. U and ms koala motivated me to read more c novels! It’s good you have a job that you enjoy – you must be very good in mathematics and statistics ! (So lucky, I never knew what I was doing during my statistics modules!)

    Melanie, ms koala writes at . She posts mostly Korea and some China/Taiwan drama recaps and entertainment news (Japanese too) Translation of Tong Hua’s novels (Da Mo Yao, Yun Zhong Ge – incompelete and Chang Xiang Si) are done by her. I think SSB has the link for these novels. Ok will keep those scenes in Two Ex husbands you suggested for translations.

    Pm and Melanie’s spoilers for this book are quite enticing. Shall check it out over the weekend 😀

  44. xia0yuer
    xia0yuer March 15, 2014 at 2:39 pm |

    Melanie, I absolutely agree with you. Nothing will ever replace clinical live patient experience, but I think simulators can augment medical education. Our work is based on the theory that there three parts to learning – cognitive (the what), psychomotor (the how), and affective (the why). New trainees mainly focus on cognitive and psychomotor, while experienced professionals are more interested in affective learning (what are the outliers?). Medical gaming addresses the cognitive side, while simulators can be programmed to address all three.

    I can give you an medical example in a non-emergency setting. Anesthesiologists have to learn how to do laryngoscopies to assist in intubations. They often use animal modeling but the anatomy of humans and animals are quite different and it is risky and ethically questionable to practice on a live patient because the complications. That’s where simulators come in. You can practice the cognitive and psychomotor, and when you get more experience with the technique, it can also be programmed to have unexpected circumstances. The patient is no longer stable, his bp is dropping, heart rate is speeding up (I’m totally making this up, not a clinician). What will the anesthesiologist do stabilize the patient? Also, if you are interested, I can send you some medical journals to read. This field is still relatively new though, so no gold standard double blind randomized studies yet.

    TLDR, simulation should be used as a training tool to learn a technique or practice in high stress situations, but will be able to replace clinical experience.

    Peanuts, sorry for hijacking this thread, but you can clean the comments section up. Also, what have you been telling your readers about me….? To cause May to think I’m some sort of a legend… haha… I’m not, I’m probably your age or a bit older and definitely don’t do anything better than any of the other translators like lidge/peanuts, chancy/raini, hamster, decembi, etc.

  45. Peanuts
    Peanuts March 16, 2014 at 12:34 am |

    Mel: you forgot who is the admin. I can delete all your spoiler posts. Haha, see I am very powerful but I won’t misuse it so post as many as you want. A lot of ppl like spoilers. As for those who don’t then they can throw rotten eggs at you, lol. Ok lah I will let you give out your own links.

    Xiaoyuer: Hey, I don’t have a big mouth, don’t listen to Mel:p you are one of the pioneer of cnovel blog so inevitably they think of you as a legend. Anyway it is the highest form of honour which money can’t buy so bask in its glory, lol.

  46. jtyy
    jtyy March 16, 2014 at 1:48 pm |

    Hi gals, sorry for gate-crashing into your discussions. I’m a newbie here. I think Peanuts will recognize my name because I have been following her translations of Come Eat, Shan Shan and Silent Separation. My issue is with the ximalaya app mentioned by Xiaoyuer. I managed to download it easily on my I-phone but somehow I couldn’t find it on my I-pad. Did I miss something? I apologize if I sound moronic but what does “make an account” mean?

  47. xia0yuer
    xia0yuer March 17, 2014 at 11:35 pm |

    jtyy, no question is a stupid question so don’t be afraid to ask! 喜马拉雅 is the name of the app, so copy and paste that into the search bar. I’ve never tried to download it to the iPad before but I think they share the same apps. It should work. When you open up the app for the first time, it should prompt you to create account. It asks you to give your email, username, and password (I think… it’s been a while). From what I remember, you won’t be able to use the app unless you make an account with them first. Hope that helps!

  48. May
    May March 18, 2014 at 12:41 pm |

    xia0yuer: Peanuts, sorry for hijacking this thread, but you can clean the comments section up. Also, what have you been telling your readers about me….? To cause May to think I’m some sort of a legend… haha… I’m not, I’m probably your age or a bit older and definitely don’t do anything better than any of the other translators like lidge/peanuts, chancy/raini, hamster, decembi, etc.

    Peanuts: Xiaoyuer: Hey, I don’t have a big mouth, don’t listen to Mel:p you are one of the pioneer of cnovel blog so inevitably they think of you as a legend. Anyway it is the highest form of honour which money can’t buy so bask in its glory, lol.

    Yup, exactly what Peanuts wrote – because you’re the second person I came to know of to translate and summarise C-novels and stimulated my interest to read Chinese novels (I’ve never read a Chinese novel since leaving school behind). My journey with C-novels started I think about one year ago but it seems like alot while has passed since then. Thank you to all the translators out there for taking the time and energy to do this!

    I read abit of Peppermint Thistles over the weekend. While I appreciate the Li Mao’s devotion to Xiang Rong, I still feel uncomfortable with the fact that he raped her not only once but quite a few times. I wished that Dian Xian didn’t have to portray his character in that manner. But other than that, his actions are all very sweet and loving. However, what is it with Dian Xian’s female leads misinterpreting the loving actions of the male leads as a conspiracy :p

    Xiang Rong is a much more lively and sassy female character than Two Ex-husbands’ Miao-er and Heavy sweetness’ Jin Mi (I still like the latter two for the humour they provide but sometimes find them a little blase). But perhaps it’s because we get to see her growing up from babyhood.

    Welcome jtty to SSB’s rabbit hole! It can be one addictive ride 😀

  49. jtyy
    jtyy March 18, 2014 at 1:10 pm |

    Thanks a lot! I’ve downloaded the ximalaya app on Samsung Tab 3 too but somehow it looks different from the one in my I-phone. Will try downloading it into the I-pad again. The down side is that I need someone to read the Chinese instructions for me before I can navigate it myself. But I’m happy anyway. Once I get the hang of it, I shall be able to listen to audio books on these portable devices instead of being stuck to my desktop PC. Thanks for sharing!

  50. Super-latte
    Super-latte September 27, 2015 at 12:54 pm |

    Thank you PM for sharing this story.

    For those that will be reading it on Vietnamese you may wish to use the following link instead which actually contains the completed story. Where as the site above stopped the project 15 chapters or so before completion. Lucky for me, as it appears the editor for the link below only finished it in July!!

    Just note that by the link original link you are up to entry 60, though because some chapters were broken into parts, so according to the link below you will be up to chapter 53.

    Also thanks Melanie for going through the story in so much details, know all the convoluted twists in the story actually prepared me for much worse so I was pleasantly surprised!

    I really liked this story and would go as far as to say that I liked it more than 2 husbands, which felt like a complete rehash of Heavy Sweetness just simply to appease Night fans only. In addition to an unoriginal plot, 2 husbands also couldn’t convince readers like me to care abt a heroine that was so nonchalant abt her own life.

    In Peppermint, the plot felt like a fresh project. Our heroine, Xiang Rong, knows what she wants and tries to strive towards her heart’s desire, which in turns make me want to see her reach achieve it also. I love their humorous beginning and can actually see how & why Li Mao came to fall for her, especially after reading the epilogue. It was a deep seeded love that would have only bloomed slower than Xiao Bai by a couple of years at most. I’m glad both male leads were afforded their own versions of love and happily-ever-after. Xiao Bai didn’t get the woman he always loved and longed for but instead he has a queen and son who adore and idolise him. And being that selfless when it comes to her, I would assume that as painful as it is, he would still find comfort in her happiness that she is with the man she loves, who in turn loves her and is able to protect her.

    The only thing I didn’t like about the story was the choppy writing style, which morphed from slap stick humour to diary entry, including inputs from the author as she converses with her character to serious story telling then looping back again. Also I cannot accept that they would leave her second son with that crazy purple guy!!! I mean seriously you would even pity and want to rescue an unrelated child from his evil and twisted influences let alone your own flesh and blood. We all saw what he did to the first kid!

    One of my favourite scenes would have to be their reconciliation at the end of the story which roughly goes…

    Li Mao: You maybe a tough case, with a calamity-causing appearance, but being the benevolent king I am I guess I will have to marry you and take one for the people!

    Xiang Rong: please don’t force yourself your majesty. Though there may not be many, but I do know of afew who can only hope for this calamity to befall upon them!

    Li Mao: who else do you dare to bring calamity to?!!

    Hehehe check mate! (-_~)

  51. Vico SDL
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    Hi, Peanut, could you present 薄荷荼蘼梨花白 and 长风渡, please ?

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