Phoenix Reborn: the Prime Minister’s Scheming Daughter / Minister Family’s Black Belly Woman 相門腹黑女 by 清浅边缘 Qing Qian Bian Yuan

When she reborn, she finally understood; men can never be relied on.

That being the case, she can only rely on herself to win, that splendid brilliance she yearned for, in this lifetime.

To my scheming stepmother and ruthless sister, I will destroy all your backings, pull off your wings, and step on your arrogance! As for grandmother whom speaks kindly but has a snake-like heart, and a father who is hypocritical and exploits advantages; I will tear off your pretense and cut off your hope! Let’s see how you can still scheme against me!

Witness her splendid fight against her stepmother, punish scum men, and create havoc in the imperial court, as she soars with the wind and rises above the water! But as for that man who still stands! How dare he play with my heart?

(Credit: Creative Novels)

[Ebook][Eng Translation]


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