Phoenix Trial (Feng Huang Jie) 凤凰劫 by 花半里 Hua Ban Li (BE)


She deceived everyone, entering the palace disguised as a highborn daughter, became the intended Liang Di (2nd to the wife). She fell in love at first glance with the gentle crowned price, thinking that she had received a blessed marriage.  Unknown to her, the mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind.

She is like a butterfly caught in a spider’s web, unknowingly falling into a larger plot. A stone stirs up a thousand ripples, her arrival draws out the truth behind the bloody political changes. Is this actually a long-devised coup, or fate’s merciless trifling?

This strange and lonely queen, underneath the power and pride, is she considered blessed more, or unfortunate more? The gentle prince hidden in the shadows of the palace walls, underneath his mask of kindness, how cold and merciless is his heart actually?

Changes in the kingdom, changes in the throne room, she who is in the palace experiencing the tilting, the sinking and floating. Every time it looks as if there is a path to turn to, winter finally turns to spring, she finds that it is impossible to escape the cruel grasp of fate. In order to heal the wound in sight, one must cut into the heart.  In the end, is it not true that love and hate is just a tool used in the pursuit of power?

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