Poisonous Phoenix / The Fire Girl ( The Only Girl You Haven’t Seen) 浴火毒女 (独女君未见) by 心静如蓝 Xin Jing Ru Lan

In her last life she devoted everything to her beloved, the third prince. However her devotion was met with the sharp dagger of betrayal, as the man whom she loved carved her heart out.

Years later, she is reincarnated as the bride to be of her enemy’s brother, the fifth prince, a silly prince whom the royal family regards as worthless. In him she sees her past pitiful self and promises to protect this foolish yet kind prince. But is this foolish prince really all that he seems? Can she really protect him and seek revenge for her past life?

Certainly the royal family has nothing to fear of this dimwitted prince and his beloved wife who is seeking revenge… Right?

(Credit: Mangaupdates)

[Ebook][Manhua][Manhua in Eng][Dục Hoả Động Nữ][Drama]


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