Pregnant Wife And The Little Ones 孕妻1V1:心急老公,要二胎 / 孕妻一加一 by 公子如雪 Gong Zi Ru Xue

He is an influential person, who is very decisive,

He had fallen in love with her charming beauty and wanted to spoil her.

Six years later…

The first time they met, he asked, “Was it you, six years ago?”

The second time she met her he did a paternity test, “Do you dare say that he is not my son?

The next time they met again, “Sir Duke, are you done?

The man raised his lips, leaned over and smiled charmingly, “The second child isn’t born, of course not done.”

(Credit: Manga SY)

[Ebook][Manhua in Eng]


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