President’s Priceless Wife/ Inconceivable Reunion, Invaluable You / The President’s Lovely Darling /CEO and the Apple of His Eye/ Zong Cai De Tian Jia Meng Qi 總裁的天價萌妻 by 我是木木 Wo Shi Mu Mu

Tang Ke Ran got drunk and slept with a strange man, she ran away the next morning, not knowing that she was pregnant … After her family encountered a great change, she went abroad. Years later she came back and met with that man again. What kind of story would happen among a hacker son, a smart daughter, a president dad, and a mother who’s good at muddling through…?

(Credit: Mangatoon)

[Ebook – 2071 Chapters][Audiobook][Manhua][Manhua in Eng One or Two or Three][Donghua]


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