President’s Shy Kiss / Embarassed To Be Kissed By The President 总裁一吻好羞羞 / 天才寶寶上陣:腹黑總裁乖乖聽話 by 我是木木 Wo Shi Mu Mu

“One million for one night. Who will?” “Ten million for one night!”

Feng Lingye, a powerful man in the capital, had his eye on her. She could do nothing but retreating one step after another in face of his aggressiveness…However, a sudden car crash led out a huge conspiracy…

She brought her two cute and talented kids back six years later in an attempt to find out everything, but she met him again.

(Credit: Mangatoon)

[Ebook][Manhua in Eng One or Two or Three][Donghua ][Audiobook][Nụ Hôn Của Tổng Tài]


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