Prince and the Showgirl/ Your Highness, I Know My Wrongs 游龙戏凤/ 殿下,臣知错了!by 好人卡/ 忆锦 Hao Ren Ka/ Yi Jin (HE)

Time-travel is a hot topic in modern times. It may happen in the sleep, just like Lin Shan, she found herself as the second daughter of the Prime Minister after woke up. It never rains but it pours, which just like Lin Shan’s experience. Lin Shan, a girl lived in the modern times, found that the entire world had been changed after woke up from sleep! She was not only be the second daughter of the Prime Minister by time-travel, she even dressed like a boy when she was little, and she was going to be sent to the palace to be the “son-in-law of the emperor”.

However, it was said that the princess was rude and unreasonable; the only consequence of rejecting the marriage would be death. Therefore, Lin Shan has to enter into the palace and acted as the “female son-in-law”. It had been never expected that the life in palace was totally in a mess, the son-in-law leaved in an abyss of suffering.

On one hand, she had to face the rude and unreasonable princess, on the other hand, she had to deal with the overbearing and unreasonable prince, and the third prince, who appeared and disappeared mysteriously, always made troubles! Luckily, the god treated her good, her quiet imperial bodyguard was funny, sometimes, and she could play tricks on him for entertainment. However, who can tell her that why the prince and the imperial bodyguard were so similar!

(Credit: NLB Singapore)

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