Rock the Imperial Court / Prince of Manchuria / Huangshi de Zhongjie / Surgeon Queen / The End of The Royal Family 女医生穿越: 霸道征服王爷 / 凰妃之锦医倾城 / 满朝王爷一锅端 by 薄荷微凉 Bo He Wei Liang

A surgeon who tries to save a man from committing suicide falls with him and dies.

She transmigrates into the body of a miserable woman committed suicide on her wedding day before marrying the worst princes and the most cruel and evil and before mingling with the palace that is ruthless and turns into a scapegoat …

But the situation worsens completely when the heroine stabbed a prince in front of her husband to protect themselves but find themselves in a greater calamity…

What kind of crazy adventures are waiting for ???

(Credit: Mangadex)

[Ebook][Manhua][Manhua in Eng One or Two][Donghua][Audiobook][Tận Diệt Vương Gia Mãn Triều][왕비가 된 외과의사]


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