Princess Consort Is No Pushover (I Have a Smart Doctor Wife) 神医毒妃不好惹 by 姑苏小七 Gu Su Xiao Qi

Yun Ruoyue (30), a general surgeon from the 21st century who died from a car accident and her soul transmigrated back to 1800 years ago in ancient China. Her soul occupied another body with a new entity as Princess Consort Li.

She is beautiful, kind-hearted and with inborn courageous. She fights for what she believes in and never afraid to stand up for injustice.

This novel follows the turbulent growth of her in adjusting in her new life and how she fight back including her prince husband, Chu Xuanchen, to take back her rightful place.

Chu Xuanchen (23), a prince from the Great Chu dynasty, he is handsome and intelligent, arrogant and domineering, and his biggest weakness that he’s a man of word, just like a typical military man.

He was forced by the Emperor to marry Yun Rouyue as his princess consort, the daughter of the enemy who killed his parents. In the end, he did marry her even though he didn’t love her. After the marriage, he treated her badly and even marries another woman of his love in order to degrade and humiliate Yun Rouyue.

At first, he thought that he would be happy after married the woman of his love, Nangong Rou, but he was wrong. Later on, and slowly, he realised the person in his heart was actually Yun Rouyue and has no love feeling to Nangong Rou other than just gratitude because she saved his life two years ago.

Apparently, he was too late as Yun Rouyue didn’t love him and wanted a divorce, and the story goes on with how he will woo her back and they stay happily ever after.

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The heroine Yun Ruoyue is a modern day doctor who travels back to ancient times after being accidentally electrocuted in the process of saving a life.

In this new world, Yun Ruoyue must fulfil the requirement to save a number of lives in order to return to the year 2023. However, it is not easy for a woman to practice medicine in ancient times. At this time, Yun Ruoyue finds herself in an arranged marriage with Li Wang, the prince of the former dynasty. One heals while the other protects the common people and they join hands in a story of mutual love and redemption.


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