Provoke 招惹 / 民国复仇千金 by 隐笛 Yin Di (HE)

At the beginning of the 20th century, Jiang Ying, the top singer at a local club schemes to marry the wealthy Du Jingchuang in order to get her revenge but she becomes entangled with his son who is also not who he seems.

As Jiang Ying attempts to seduce wealthy businessman Du Jingchuang for vengeance, his son Du Xunyu becomes suspicious of her. However, he too is also almost exposed to be a fake son. The stepmother and stepson living under the same roof remain wary of each other, yet they gradually see the return of an old friend in the other. The two who were meant to walk the lonely road of vengeance are no longer alone yet their enemy Du Jingchuang is secretly keeping a watchful eye.


[Ebook][Audiobook][Short Drama][Chiêu Nhã]


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