Reborn to Love Lord Qiansui 重生爱上九千岁 by 君骁 Jun Xiao (HE)

If there was any identical and pure coincidence.

He is Lord Jiu Qiansui (nine thousand year) who everyone loathed. He is vicious, merciless, cruel and savage. Receiving flattery and take unfair advantage, causing calamity and chaos beyond the scope of syllabus. The emperor doted on him and trusted him, the consorts tried to gain his favor, the crown prince vowed to get rid of him and the officials wished that they could devour his bones and eat his flesh.

The crafty wanted to get into his favor.

The honorable wanted to kill him.

The commoners looked down upon him.

He is the rebel and traitor that everyone wanted dead.

And such a him got a love that he wouldn’t even dare to think about. That cold fragrance had always stood by his side and vaguely always surrounded him. She was like an antidote that seemed to carry poison, making him crazy.

If you don’t abandon me, then I will give up everything for you to have a life of no worries!

When Zhao Zimu pulled Ling Qing’s first white hair, his lips were in a thin line and asked displeased, “Do you abhor me now?”

Zhao Zimu touched his forehead with her lips and laughed, “How would I dislike you? You are the one I want to grow old with. Now, you are just one step ahead of me.”

Even through rain of blood and forest of daggers, I will stay by your side in this life, looking at how the flowers bloom and wither and how winter becomes spring.

  • Jiu Qiansui means nine thousand year. So basically, he is Lord Nine Thousand Year, which is strange in English, so I kept it in Chinese. Sometimes, they will shorten it and call him Lord Qiansui (thousand). The emperor is called Lord Ten Thousand Year, so, he is only below the emperor.

(Credit: Rosyfantasy)

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