The Beginning (Reset) 开端 by 祈祷君 Qi Dao Jun

Li Shiqing gets on a bus, expecting to reach her destination as usual, but instead embarks on a journey of death in an infinite time loop. After repeatedly experiencing death on the bus, the heroine is on the verge of collapse and tries to get off the bus, thus dragging her co-star Xiao Heyun into the time loop as well. After all their attempts, they decide to find out who is behind all this and end the time loop on the bus.

A time loop mystery set on a bus, the hero and heroine try everything they can to save the lives of the bus and to stop the time loop. For the reader, this is both a suspenseful escape room novel and a self-help guide for ordinary people who are “stuck for a day”, combining the thrill of an “infinite stream” prophet with the excitement of suspense.

(Credit: Tea Novel)

[Ebook][Drama][Audiobook][Eng Translation]


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