Rock Sugar Summer 学霸, 请离我远一点 (冰糖一夏) by 叶秋 Ye Qiu

Lai Dui Dui is a young college student who dreams of becoming a successful artist. She has little talent or ability when it comes to other subjects, however: She detests math, English, and other matters – and that is reflected in her dreadful grades. She is in serious danger of flunking if she does not do something about her academic performance. Also attending the same college is Jiang Zuo, a straight-A student who has no peers when it comes to all things study-related. The two have actually crossed paths before in high school. But due to a bout of prosopagnosia (a condition that means Lai Dui Dui could not recognize faces), she cannot recall who he is.

Jiang Zuo is trying to escape the attention of a possessive ex-girlfriend, so he agrees to help Lai Dui Dui if she pretends to be his girlfriend. She agrees, but this decision leads to countless complications. It turns out that Jiang Zuo used to have feelings for Lai Dui Dui, and that these feelings might be reunited by spending more time together with her. And when a love rival appears on the scene, the whole rouse threatens to break apart. Will Lai Dui Dui improve her terrible grades? And will she find love on the way to an A?

(Credit: Viki)



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