The Roses in the Mirror 镜中蔷薇 – 天籁纸鸢/君子以泽 (HE)


She didn’t reply anymore, mischievously giving him a smile before turning around and walking ahead.

Before meeting you, I never believed in reincarnation. But now, I believe.

In my past life, I must have loved you, hurt you, owed you, disappointed you.

Because, I don’t believe that one lifetime is enough to love a person so much,
it must, absolutely must be

a yearning that followed through from the previous lifetime

Am I right?

He Ying Ze.
She tread ahead, taking big steps. Just silently saying his name in her mind, brings a feeling of sweetness and sourness. Afterwards, she heard him call out to her from behind: “Luo Wei.”
She turned around to ask, “What?”
All along she had been walking with her head down, so she was surprised when she realized, spring has silently arrived. All of the peach blossoms in the nearby parks and along the streets had all bloomed. The flower petals drifted to the ground, wordlessly paving a carpet of pastel color. In the distance was a watercolor painting with a dilluted blue backdrop, even the forest-like buildings were washed in a sky blue color. She heard the ocean’s waves playing a distant song, which turned into the steady rhythm of a beating heart. The ocean breeze stirred her dress, also swayed the branches. His face was veiled behind the falling peach blossoms, the petals also landing on his shoulders.
When the wind stopped, she could finally see him clearly.
He was quietly standing under a peach tree, head raised as he looked upwards, not even minding the flower petals that had landed on his clothing. He just stood there, hand pointing towards branches overhead.
At this moment, the wind had already left, the fragrance permeated through every corner of the street.
He looked over at her through the flowers, a smile in his eyes, “Wei-er, look, all the flowers bloomed.”


Luo Wei and Xiao Ying parted ways after meeting briefly in their childhood, but this person became engraved into Luo Wei’s heart ever since, even if Luo Wei didn’t know the reason herself.
When they meet again, Luo Wei is a budding jewelry designer, but he had already become He Ying Ze, someone who stood high above the crowds. Luo Wei was confused, in her wandering gradually understanding her own feelings which had taken root, but reality caused her to make her decision to gradually distance herself from the far and unreachable He Ying Ze. But the estrangement and coldness that He Ying Ze deliberately shows her still hurts Luo Wei despite her telling herself not to care about him. Just when Luo Wei is prepared to cut herself from everything pertaining to He Ying Ze, an unexpected incident causes He Ying Ze to tightly hold onto Luo Wei’s hand.


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  1. Wisteria9bloom2
    Wisteria9bloom2 November 27, 2016 at 2:17 am |

    Thanks for intro, I thought this is just another modern book by JZYZ, didn’t know it’s a sequel… for a moment I thought I have to start reading from scratch until you said to treat as a new story. I have read JZYZ modern story setting, yet to read her ancient ones..

  2. Wisteria9bloom2
    Wisteria9bloom2 November 28, 2016 at 1:18 am |

    Raini, her “Rhapsody of Summer Dream” is good but very long, 3 books and filled with lots of classical music stuff…give “思念成城” a try, I love it.

  3. minaninablog
    minaninablog December 7, 2016 at 9:21 am |

    Raini, thank you for introducing this book eventhough the audiobook is not ready yet. 月都花落沧海花开 was kind of sad and since this is the sequel with happy ending, I will patiently wait for the audiobook to be produced.

  4. Wisteria9bloom2
    Wisteria9bloom2 January 4, 2017 at 6:09 am |

    This is a book JZYZ wrote for fans who wanted a HE in “月度花落, 沧海花开”. The modern story just pales compared to “月度..” with none of the characters as likeable and Luo Wei is a gullible gal, not as feisty and cute as her previous life. Maybe JZYZ can consider writing another “番外” for “月度..”

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