Rouge Debt (Lost Promise) 胭脂债 by 一度君华 Yi Du Jun Hua

Two great events have happened in all corners of the country. The first one was that Master of Clam, Jiang Qingliu, was possessed by the devil so he lost all his martial arts. The second one was that the demon, Boye Jingxing, who had been imprisoned in the Jiang family for 30 years, ran away. Several days later, when a woman whose skin was exquisite and fragrant was packed in a brocade box and sent to Jiang Qingliu’s hands, he was not quite himself. Unexpectedly, the person lying in the brocade box was Boye Jingxing who had wounded him and then run away!

To cover the scandal that the demon who had been imprisoned in the Jiang family was only a “weak female”, Jiang Qingliu had to admit to be the pervert who kept a mistress in a love nest. To wait and see, she was arranged in his own messuage. However, who knew that she should freely switch between “Goddess” and “female nerve”. He affectionately cared for his “white lotus” while had ulterior motives to have her conceive his child…

However the truth gradually emerged. The murderer who killed bloodily in her master’s homegate 30 years ago and whom Boye Jingxing was dedicated to find out actually had something to do with Jiang Qingliu…

(Credit: NLB Singapore)



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