Ruo Chun and Jing Ming 若春和景明 by 玖月晞 (HE)

The him of yesteryear had no equal whereas she was a nobody.
With perseverance and a bit of luck, she was given the opportunity to stand by his side and work towards a common future.
Battling differences in social standing and character, they made a pact to be part of the new wave of technology. Even if they had to sacrifice everything, they would not turn away from such a monumental endeavor.

Adolescence is a beautiful thing; it gives one courage to dream unfiltered by reality.
Life was only just beginning. Everything seemed attainable. The future was in their hands.


You are wonderful.
I love everything about you.
If only I wasn’t so young back then.
If I could turn back time, I would leave no regrets.


[Ebook][Eng Machine Translation]


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