Secret of the Three Kingdoms 三国机密 (三国机密之潜龙在渊) by 马伯庸 Ma Bo Yong

This book tells a story that cannot be made known to the public, and a secret warfare with schemes during the Three Kingdoms period.

Suffering of the Dragon In the late Eastern Han dynasty, Consort Wang, the beloved concubine of Emperor Ling gave birth to a pair of twin brothers. Oppressed by Empress He, she told the public she gave birth to only one son Liu Xie, while her other son Liu Ping was taken secretly out of the royal palace.

18 years later, some officials loyal to the emperor abided by the will of Emperor Fan to secretly pick the twin brother of Emperor Xian, Liu Ping to the palace from the family of Sima Fang, and the destiny of Liu Ping started to change tremendously.

Hidden Dragon in the Deep Pool In the fifth year of Emperor Xian’s reign, the Battle of Guandu started. Emperor Xian went to the battlefield himself, and Cao Pi followed him and assisted him, and they experienced narrow escape for several times.

The army of Cao and Yuan stalemated, and no one knew the evil backstage manipulators were Guo Jia who indulged himself in wine and sex and Mr. Fei living in seclusion in the mountain. The two became enemies because of a love affair many years ago.

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