Seven Bamboo Strips of Evil (Qi Gen Xin Jian) 七根凶简 (七根心简) by 尾鱼 Wei Yu (HE)

In ancient times, there were seven types of evil thoughts, each of which possessed the power to confuse, and muddle, people’s hearts. Every single person that came into contact with one of the seven, would inevitably undergo a sudden change in personality and temperament, and commit the unforgivable crime of murder.

Determined to rid the world of these seven evil thoughts, Lao Zi [1] forced the seven evil thoughts into seven separate bamboo strips and secured the opening of such bamboo strips with the Phoenix Lock, and, in so doing, finally succeeded in sealing the evil bamboo strips.

But who would have thought, that the evil bamboo strips would, in due course, reappear on the surface of the Earth……

[1] Lao Zi – An ancient Chinese philosopher and writer (not dissimilar to Confucius), who had authored the Tao Te Ching.



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