Who Do You Like at Seventeen (Love Endures) 十七岁你喜欢谁 ( 要久久爱) by 樱十六 Ying Shi Liu

In an aerospace city in the north, seven children who were born an only child became closer than siblings and called themselves “The Big Dipper.” They all promised to conquer the college entrance examinations so they can go to Beijing together but seventeen came and went and only Huang Yingzi made it.

“The Big Dipper” was no more as everyone parted ways. Huang Yingzi went to Beijing for school and Jiang Yi left for the States. “Who do you like at the age of seventeen” has become a mystery lingering in the hearts of the seven people. As newcomers in the workplace, they were bruised and battered from the skirmishes between their ideals and reality. Their once pure emotions are like shining stars in the night sky. Huang Yingzi wants to reunite the group only to realize that there a question remains. Meanwhile, Jiang Yi and the others have already been presented their answer.

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The story revolves around six childhood friends who all live in the same neighborhood, and rely on and help each other throughout their hardest times. This is the family area of ​​an aerospace city in the north, and it is also the home where Jiang Yi, Huang Ying Zi, Fang Ming Yu, Lan Yi Fei, Zhuang Yuan, and Guan Chao were born and grew up. They call themselves ‘The Space City Six’. This is where they spent their whole childhood together, but fate led to them going on in their own separate ways when they reached the age of 17.

Many years later, the friends reunite at a wedding, all having achieved some sort of success in their careers, but each hiding the scars from their past. Why did Jiang Yi disappear back then? Why did Guan Chao give up his dream and become a PE teacher? Is Ying Zi really as happy as she seems? Has Zhuang Yuan really chosen the right path in his career? What happened to Yi Fei, who had disappeared after graduation? Has Ming Yu finally found the love that she desired? But the most important question of all that none of them dared to answer back then and even now. ‘Who did you like at the age of 17?’

After many years, can the “Space City Six” get back together again? Times change, but feelings don’t change. Seven years older may be the beginning, but thirty is not the end. Whether it’s separation, encounter, failure or success, this friendship is the most cherished emotion in their hearts and the most powerful force that supports them.

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Huang Yuan Zi, Jiang Yi, Fang Ming Yu, Zhuang Yuan, Lan Yi Fei, and Guan Chao, who were born in a state-owned courtyard that housed workers’ families, became friends when they were 6 years old due to an accident in the factory area. Before going to college, they all grew up in this courtyard, which was full of warmth and fireworks, and they became known as the “Group of Six”.

The good friends had promised to be together for the rest of their lives but were forced to abandon things because of an accident in the year of the Gaokao college entrance examination. Many years later, at the age of 30, they each walked alone on their respective paths of life.

Suddenly, one day, they received the news that their good friend Guan Chao was about to get married. Their memories were awakened, and the past was vividly remembered. This was an opportunity for Huang Yuanzi, who has always hoped to reunite the group of six. This time, no matter what challenges she was about to face, she would try her best to let everyone walk on together till the end.

Times change, but feelings don’t. With many questions left to be answered, after all this time, can these childhood friends get back together again?

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