Shock the Imperial Palaces / Shocked the World / Liu Gong Feng Hua 六宫风华 by 寻找失落的爱情 Xun Zhao Shi Luo De Ai Qing

Confronting double betrayal, she was reborn with hatred.

While he, who is born weak, has to live on medicine.

In front of the public, he is short-lived yet gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory, while behind their backs, he is graceful, resourceful and has a card up his sleeve.

Going back in time together with an asshole and a bitch, she needs to find a backer, and he is her only chance.

However, it is destined that she is his true love, which is a curse for a thousand years and will never end.

(Credit: Web Comics)

[Ebook] [Manhua] [Manhua in Eng] [Donghua with Eng Subs] [Lục Cung Phượng Hoa]


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