Song for Our Love 我们的千阙歌 by 青衫落拓 Qing Shan Luo Tuo (OE)


A Law top student Si Ling Yun and her superior Fu Yi Ze in the Ding Feng Group have strong opposition of each other at first until later they have mutual understanding and admiration for each other, love blossoms. In the midst, Ling Yun found out about her true identity and she has to get along with her new family and take on new job challenge – stepmother, opponent and love rival. With the help of Fu Yi Ze, she will resolve conflicts with her kindness and forgiveness, obtaining unforgettable true love at the same time. 

(Credit: Mydramalist)

[Ebook][Audiobook][Raw Drama][Thiên khuyết ca của chúng ta]


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