Stop! Miss Hua 站住花小姐 by 橘猫威武 Ju Mao Wei Wu

A sassy socialite meets her knight in shining armor in a former firefighter whose tough guy exterior is the complete opposite of his adorable personality.

Hua Mingyue was born with a silver spoon. With everyone around her bending to her will, she does know the concept of having to work for anything and only knows how to play hard. Qin Donghai was once the squadron leader of a team of firefighters. After retiring, he studied in the UK and returns home with flying colors as he applies for a position at the Hua Group. Although he is tall, dark and handsome, he is actually a softie at heart.

Hua Mingyue and Qin Donghai met each other’s acquaintance after getting off to a bad start. Qin Donghai inadvertently becomes Hua Mingyue’s counsel in the hopes that he can help her change her ways and get on the right track.




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