Strawberry Kiss Mark (Go Back Lover) 草莓印 (竹马天降都是你) by 不止是颗菜 Bu Zhi Shi Ke Cai (HE)

On the day they turned seventeen, Lu Xing Yan and Shen Xing Ruo celebrated their birthdays together. As both Lu Xing Yan and Shen Xing Ruo had to sit for an exam the very next day, Shen Xing Ruo stayed up all night to tutor Lu Xing Yan.

Lu Xing Yan twirled his pen in a frivolous manner, and called out to Sheng Xing Ruo, “Out of curiosity, what birthday wish did you make? You took at least a full three minutes to make your birthday wish. Why don’t you tell me what you wished for – who knows, I may even be able to help you fulfil your birthday wish.”

Shen Xing Ruo didn’t spare him a single glance, and simply focused on highlighting the key learning points, “My birthday wish is that Lu Xing Yan would have, by the end of this semester, completed one entire set of The Compilation Book of Mock Mathematics Examination Papers for the Past Five Years, five entire sets of Multiple Choice Practice Books, and ten entire sets of The National College Entrance Examination Papers, and committed to memory the entire set of vocabulary to be tested for The College English Test Band 4. I also wish that Lu Xing Yan will manage to improve his overall score for the year-end examination, and score above 400 points, so that he can finally stop being that singular piece of rat dung responsible for decreasing Class 1’s overall average score.”

The singular piece of rat dung lapsed into a three-second silence. “Let’s pretend that I never asked.”

– This is a novel detailing the daily record of how a young & childish high schooler managed to win over his wife.
– On this quiet, sunny summer day, the wind kissed the side of your face.

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