Supernatural Girlfriend 帅哥!你掉了个通灵女友 by 喵了个汪 Miao Le Ge Wang (HE)

Lin Yixin never had much ambition in life. In fact, she barely had any friends. Ever since surviving a car accident in her childhood, she had the ability to see ghosts. She thought this ability was rather useless until one day she realized she could solve crimes with it! Since she could see things that others couldn’t, she had an advantage over everyone else.

The ghosts told her who the killer was, but how is she going to get the person arrested? She needs proof!

Also, who’s this author Suyang? Her apartment flooded and now they’re living together? He’s so annoying but pretty hot…

(Credit: Volarenovels)

[Ebook][Eng Tranlsation]


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