Taotie Ji (The Legend of Taotie) 饕餮记 by 殷羽 Yin Yu

Set in the Great Liang dynasty, the story revolves around Tian Xiang Restaurant, a famed restaurant in Wu Xia City. Shopkeeper Zhu Chengbi and accountant Chang Qing are known to be bickering couple. They underwent many heart-pounding and earth-shaking incidents and together came up with many delicious dishes. Each dishes encompass and tell a different story, and reflect a different meaning.

In the end, the Langyang King decides to pit Zhu Chengbi and Chang Qing against each other to save his own life. He forces Chengbi to make a dish that extends one’s lifespan, and freed the black kirin due to his own greed; thus destroying Lian Xin Tower and Wu Xia City. Under his manipulation, Chengbi evolved into a Taotie and almost swallowed Chang Qing. Eventually, Chang Qing awakened Chengbi and everything starts all over again.

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The thousand-year-old monster Zhu Chengbi opened a Tianxianglou in Wuxia City to keep a promise. While famous for her cooking skills, she guards the tranquility of Wuxia City. Human monsters came here to invite her to cook unique delicacies with special ingredients. The shark, the wasp, the bead in the palm…

Each dish contains a touching story, and the love, hate, and resentment in the world are also staged. Zhu Chengbi also has feelings for Chang Qing, the accountant, but how will this friendship go?

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