The Blessing of Odin 奥汀的祝福 by Jun Zi Yi Ze (OE)

The Blessing of Odin is a full-length religious love myth, also a masterpiece of the author full of her individual style. In a total of 400,000 words, the novel takes Iceland’s epic Edda and North Europe myths as the background to build the myth world view set in nine worlds and six races and it tells the love triangle among Odin, the King of the Gods, Frigga, the Queen and the Goddess of Love, and Loki, the God of Fire. The love through ten million years makes readers moved with tears. As a bestseller of Xinhua Bookstores in China, the book has a hitting of 4,860,000 and a point of 705,000,000 and it is popular in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Southeast Asia. It is an epic making every reader shocked.

I have no religion. My belief is you. The first and last moment I had faith, was when I fell in love with you.


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  1. Nikki
    Nikki April 1, 2019 at 4:20 pm |

    Woahhh this looks really interesting! First time seeing a Chinese novel with Norse setting . definitely going to check out the audiobook!

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