The Buddhist Girl Transmigrated Into a Book 佛系少女穿书日常 by 十六月西瓜 Shi Liu Yue Xi Gua (HE)

Gu Mian transmigrated as the female partner of the popular novel “I’m So Popular”. The original owner disliked the fact that the male lead came from a bad background and dumped him three times which resulted in a tragic end of their relationship.

Gu Mian was fearless even when she was controlled by the plot.

She only waited for the original plot to end so that she would retreat and hide her merit and fame.


Gu Mian was stunned.

Why couldn’t she even break up for the first time?

The male lead said indifferently, “I can’t be your boyfriend anymore.”

Gu Mian breathed a sigh of relief, did he finally agree to break up?

The male lead’s thin lips twitched lightly, “So Mian Mian, let’s get married.”

(Credit: Wordrain)

[Ebook][Eng Translation]


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