The Burning Years / Gong Xue Has Bandits (Qing Qing Zi Jin) 江山少年游 / 宫学有匪 (青青子衿) by 吾玉 Wu Yu (HE)

A story that follows the gifted Luo Qiuchi who due to events of the past escaped deep into the mountains. After meeting female scholar Wen Renjun, he hides his identity to study at Zhuxiu Academy in order to track down his enemy.

Tang poetry is the treasure of the nation. Luo Qiuchi, a poor scholar who aspired to become a great poet of the Tang Dynasty. He passed the literary examination and gained admission as a student at Zhuxiu Academy. However, he gets into a disagreement with Fu Yuanzhi over their poetic style and soon proves his merit by defeating Fu Yuanzhi. Many events ensue and Luo Qiuchi finds himself overcoming many obstacles as he continues to grow along with the other students of the academy.


[Ebook][Audiobook][Drama with Eng Subs]


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