The Children of the Qiao Family (The Bond) 乔家的儿女 by 未夕 Wei Xi

Thirty years of joys and sorrows follows the five children of the Qiao family. In spite of their complicated history, they rely on each other during difficult times to finally usher in a period of warmth and hope.

The Qiao family’s mother passed away when she gave birth to her fifth child, Qiao Qiqi. Their father Qiao Zuwang is a rough and selfish person leaving the five children – Yicheng, Erqiang, San Li, Simei and Qiqi to depend on no one else but each other. As the eldest son, Qiao Yicheng takes the responsibility of caring for his younger brothers and sisters while constantly living in the shadow of his more outstanding cousin Qi Weimin.

Qiao Yicheng gains admission to a Normal University. With his siblings all grown up, his family slowly escapes poverty. Yet life’s challenges will never be absent as their schooling, marriage and work problems become part of Qiao Yicheng worries. He himself had two marriages. As they stagger along the journey of life, Qiao Yicheng ponders that each person truly has their own quagmire. While not perfect and full of shortcomings, everyone works hard towards a brighter future.




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