The Chronicle of the Six Eras / Empress of the Ming: Legend of Sun Ruowei (Ming Dynasty) 大明皇妃/ 六朝纪事之初入深宫 (大明风华) by 莲静竹衣 Lian Jing Zhu Yi

During the first year of Emperor Yongle of Ming’s reign, the royal doctor Jing Qing and his whole family was beheaded by the Emperor. However, the eldest daughter was rescued and adopted by Sun Zhong under the name of Sun Ruowei. Years later, the mysterious yet powerful Qingzheng Cult manipulates Sun Ruowei in secret by trying to get her to marry the ambitious Prince of Han, Zhu Gaoxu. However, Sun Ruowei somehow becomes an imperial concubine to (then) Crown Prince Xuande, whom she had met before on her previous adventures.

Now the concubine of her enemy’s son, she plotted revenge but finally gave up her own personal vengeance for the sake of the citizens of Ming, and truly ended up falling in love with her husband. After the untimely passing of the Xuande Emperor, Sun Ruowei successively experienced the power usurpation of her son Emperor Yingzong of Ming and the Jingtai Emperor. With her wisdom and ability, she rescued the Ming dynasty several times from danger while helping her son to become a noble and virtuous ruler.

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