The City of Passing Time (City of Streamer) 流光之城 by 靡宝 Mi Bao

A private tutor meticulously lays out her plans for revenge as she approaches her enemies. At the same time, a man who is as smart as her sees through her schemes.

Shanghai Bund in the 1900’s is fraught with chaos. Warlords have divided the nation while heroes and revolutionaries surge to the forefront of change. The wealthy Rong family has committed many heinous deeds. For the sake of exacting justice, Feng Shizhen embarks on a long and arduous road for revenge.

Feng Shizhen successfully infiltrates the Rong family by becoming Rong Dingkun’s son, young master Rong Jiashang’s private tutor. However, fate has its ways of leading to the unexpected. As Feng Shizhen tries to outwit Rong Jiashang, their relationship gradually evolves from a mutual distrust to that of a mutual understanding and love. With grievances from 20 years ago coming to light, the two lovers who stand on opposing sides must break through layers of dangerous secrets to uncover the truth.


[Ebook][Drama][Audiobook][Eng Translation]


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