The Daily Record of Secretly Loving the Male Idol 男神暗恋日记 by 哑八爷 Ya Ba Ye (HE)


What if, at the very moment I fell in love with you, you were in love with me too?

One day, the male idol Rong Si asked Li Er Qin, “There is a vacant position on my end – are you interested in applying for the position?”

“Which position is this?”


The neverending boldness and courage of my youth has been spent entirely on loving you.

[Ebook] [Nhật ký thầm mến nam thần][Eng Translation]


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  1. shiyi
    shiyi November 21, 2016 at 1:30 pm |

    Waah, thanks alot dramasbooksandtea for sharing this little goodies. Its been long time for someone to recommend sweet lil story about school/campus.

    Its had me laugh out loud for some scenes, and make my husband look at me at weird way.
    I just wished that the story didnt end so fast and keep writing about their interaction during new university. i Just want more!! haha..

    do u have any other recommendation for story like this that never posted at shushengbar before?

  2. thar003charged
    thar003charged July 22, 2018 at 8:00 am |

    Just read this book and I LOVE it!!! The main characters are really just two introverted people who communicate in a way that is uniquely theirs. He is often silent, but he isn’t rude, and is very courteous. Unlike your typical male lead who is rude to everyone (including the female lead at first), he is simply someone who doesn’t say much. But if you ask nicely, he will respond. The female lead is a unique one – sometimes she is in her own world, and you always get some surprising (but true) insights whenever you ask her a question. Hahaha. And I like what dramabooksandtea said – uncomplicated is the word. High school wasn’t all drama and popularity conrests and all that you see in TV shows. This book tells us of 2 people who got to know each other and eventually walked together. No jealousy or conspiracy theories or scandals.

    Man, I miss schooling days!! :’)

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