Timeless Love / When Bright Moon Encounter the Dark Clouds (My Deepest Dream) 乌云遇皎月 by Ding Mo

Wu Yu

My deep dream seems to have never changed.

I am standing in front of a cliff, and as the wind blows I hear someone calling my name.

In great chaos, I find her name.

She asks me if I will never regret and treat her well always.

I confirm her.

And she says it’s a deal.

So we make a deal, period.

No matter how the time and space change, whether our memory is still there, and no matter what the history changes to be,…..

Only our love is real. Time is like a knife, and it engraves you in my heart stained with blood.

Tan Jiao

Even till now, I still remember clearly what the ship looks like.

That’s a journey that I have longed for so long,

And also a journey that has changed my destiny.

My life and his are knitted together in that ship.

Things after that are like a dream, putting I and him into the flood of time.

There is no hurt, time or forgetting in the world, only I and him.

If one has loved so deeply as these, you will never forget it even if you lose time, memory, life or anything.

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