The Dishonest Son and The ‘Ghost’ Doctor Mother (Qing Luo) 坑爹儿子鬼医娘 (清落) by 森森 Sen Sen

I heard that when Yu Qingluo, the eldest daughter of the Yu family, had just married into the Yu family, her husband left her on the wedding night to elope with his beloved woman.

I heard that Yu Qingluo somehow became pregnant after she married into Yu’s family after half a year.

I heard… That Yu Qingluo died and the child inside her belly were burned to death in a ruined temple sieged from all sides and not even a corpse remained.

However, 6 years later, Yu Qingluo touched the small head standing next to her, snorted, and asked “It has been said that you are dead, do you feel like taking revenge?

“Why not revenge? They still said you are dead and that you died so miserably. That you had an affair and died in a pig cage. That you are so ugly and…Oh, mother, if you hit my head again I will leave. Your son will run away!”

“Do you still feel like revenging now?” Yu Qingluo raised her eyebrows and snorted.


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