The Emperor’s Book / Di Huang Shu (Legend of Anle) 帝皇书 (安乐传) by 星零 Xing Ling

Han Ye, the crown prince of Dajing once asked these two questions ——

“Ren Anle,would you be my side to create a flourishing age of Dajing?”

Ren answered, “No, Your Majesty shall guard your land yourself.”

“Di Ziyuan, will you forget all the hatred and accompany me living through life?”

Di replied, “No, my family had been slaughtered by your father’s will. The enmity between you and me is as deep as a sea.”

The most confusing question was answered by her with such an indifferent attitude. For she would never forget —

Ten years ago, one imperial edict set her family to the fate of being slaughtered and it was the crown prince who ousted her to the south.

Ten years later, she became the general in the south. And he let her use her military talents to protect the border.

Both she and he had been a slave to the bondage of the past for so long a time and lost sight of their innermost feelings in their numerous plottings.

Actually, she was the one he had loved from the right beginning; and love was self-evident without many words to prove.

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  1. Belly Button
    Belly Button January 20, 2022 at 12:52 pm |

    I like this novel. The characterisation is good and vivid. So much so that I tear up when a female supporting role, An Jing died. I feel so much for her guilt and ultimate sacrifice. I also feel sad for Mingxi, a male supporting role who supported the FL, Ziyuan selflessly but who is sick and dying and not getting the woman he loved yet is gracious about the outcome. Even the so called ‘evil characters’, you do feel pity for them when they die when you learn about their thoughts and outcomes .A story about revenge, plotting, love, guilt and sacrifice. I recommend this novel. I hope the drama will be as good as the novel but in my experience, the novel is always better because it always managed to capture the inner thoughts and motivations of the characters.

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