The Entertainment Circle Is Mine 娱乐圈是我的, 我是你的 / 娱乐圈是我的[重生] by 春刀寒 Chun Dao Han (HE)

Xu Zhai Xing’s idol, Cen Feng, is a brand new rising star in the entertainment industry. Xu Zhai Xing firmly believes, that there will come a day, when Cen Feng’s talents and undeniable star quality will be acknowledged and appreciated by all who laid their eyes upon him. However, she never did manage to wait for such a day to arrive – because Cen Feng had, prior to such a day, already taken his own life after succumbing to depression. It was only after Cen Feng had passed when news and confirmatory reports began to circulate, exposing the innumerable injustices he had suffered during his entire lifetime.

Ah – It turned out, that he was once an orphan who had been adopted into a new family. It turned out, that his birth father was a murderer. It turned out, that the reason why he never touched the piano after his debut was because his pinky finger had been deliberately stepped on, and broken, by his fellow band members. It turned out, that he had been mercilessly bullied and oppressed within the band, that his resources and opportunities had been redistributed to his other band members as he had previously offended the senior management in his company.


Ah, it turned out, that the one, single precious person whom she loved and admired so carefully and so dearly, had been ruthlessly trampled on by those around him, and bore a battered body full of gaping wounds.

Six months after Cen Feng had passed, Xu Zhai Xing met with a road accident and was reborn . This year, she was still a high school student in her first year of high school – with ten years between now till the date of Cen Feng’s passing.

I will spare no means in fully utilizing the upcoming ten years, to help pave a wide and smooth sailing road for you. I will ensure that every single person who hurt you will never have the opportunity to appear before you in this lifetime. Ge Ge [1], this time, let’s walk on the flower path together.


Cen Feng, who had taken his own life after succumbing to depression, had been reborn – into a version of himself ten years ago. Having experienced his previous lifetime, Cen Feng realised that all the hopes and dreams which he previously harbored were simply ludicrous and laughable fantasies. Indeed – there were no fresh flowers, nor beautiful things waiting for him in his future. In this lifetime, he will strip himself of his disguise, cast his ‘character design’ to the wind, and solely focus on waiting out the remainder of his contract period, so that he would be able to leave this industry, that was filled with nothing but falsehoods and people who would stop at nothing to obtain fame and wealth.

Manager: Cen Feng! The Company is asking you to debut as the Centre / Face of the band! Cen Feng! There is a high budget variety show that invited you to become a recurring member of the show! Cen Feng! Director Zhang had specifically requested for you to take on the role as first male lead in his new show! Cen Feng! All these top, luxury brands have offered to feature you in their advertisements – please feel free to pick whichever ones you’d like to model for!

Cen Feng: ??? Where did all these resources and opportunities come from?

I’d like to soar with the wind, and yet, there is too much sludge and mud on earth. And you – you are the only island in this world. 

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