The Evil King and Medical Goddess Wife: Whose Hand Covers the World / Queen’s Legend 邪王神妃: 医手遮天 by 贫嘴小丫头 Pin Zui Xiao Ya Tou

While she was drowning, she was reborn and ended up saving the Prince, yet she was accused of being the Prince’s assassin! Miss Idiot has become a god in medicine! Since then she punishes and put her enemies in place, all sicknesses were removed. What?

The regretful prince wants to change his mind?

A mysterious leader wants to talk to her?

A first Divine Doctor wants her to be his girlfriend?

The iron tree blossoms (the iron heart finally opens), she naturally wants to laugh, but how can this Prince who almost drowned with her come to join the pursue of her love?

(Credit: happy-go-lucky fools)

[Ebook][Eng Translation][Manhua][Donghua with Eng Subs][Tà Vương Thần Phi: Y Thủ Che Thiên]


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