The Evil President/ Emo Zong Cai De Chong’er 恶魔总裁的宠儿 by 余星星 Yu Xing Xing

A piece of contract, after she had successfully passed the medical checkup, she betrayed herself and surrendered to a stranger who was wearing a fox mask. She gave birth to a son and she was only able to look at him once before he disappeared together with that mystery man. Five years later she entered Howard’s Company and become the secretary of President Cristopher Howard, However she didn’t know the boss in front of her was the mystery man she met during the night..from then on, She always felt there was a pair of eagle eyes which kept staring at her every causal moment. This feeling was so horrible..!

(Credit: INovels)

[Ebook – 216 Chapters][Eng Translation]


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  1. mhryu
    mhryu May 6, 2019 at 5:40 pm |

    Thank you Peanut for sharing the link to this novel. Yes, there is indeed a lot of reading apps out there at the moment. iNovel is one that has lots of nice novels but unfortunately the english translation are not that good. And yes, they make money as one need to pay to read the chapters.

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